Spin Rewriter gets the "Bulk Rewrite" option!

That's right, from now on Spin Rewriter can rewrite multiple articles with one single click!

We've added the option of entering multiple articles at the very beginning of the spinning process, clicking the "Start the Bulk-Rewriting Process!" button and having multiple articles spun automatically.

Once your articles are ready, you're simply taken to your Archive, where finished and thoroughly spun articles are waiting for you. 😃

One-Click Rewrite preferences are now saved automatically

Many of you have contacted us saying that you weren't the biggest fans of having to manually select the "One-Click Rewrite" settings each time you were working on a new article. We figured that was quite understandable, and we decided to help you out. 😃

With Friday's update, various settings such as:
  • One-Click Rewrite confidence (should it try to find as many synonyms as possible, or only pick the most relevant ones)
  • One-Click Rewrite protected keywords
  • One-Click Rewrite single-level or multi-level spinning
  • should the "Top" button pick only the best synonyms, or those that are relatively okay as well
  • ...
are now automatically remembered by our software. This means you can "set it and forget it" - once you find the settings that work best for you, you never have to manually adjust them again.

You can now pick one-level spinning only

One of the most requested features over the last couple of months was the option to limit the One-Click Rewrite process to one-level spins. Basically, this means that Spin Rewriter only rewrites your articles on the first level and not on multiple levels - if that's what you need. Some article distribution software products out there don't support nested spinning syntax, and in this case the new feature really comes in handy.

By selecting the "single-level no-nested-spinning" option, you only get the phrase "cable television" inside "Cable television is a fine invention." rewritten as "Cable {television|TV} is a fine invention." and not as "{Cable {television|TV}|Cable} is a fine invention." which uses two levels of spinning.

Not only does this new option come with the One-Click Rewrite process, we've also integrated it with our official Spin Rewriter API and updated the API documentation. We hope it serves you well! 😃

First Spin Rewriter Major Update is LIVE!

We just rolled out the most important batch of updates since we first launched Spin Rewriter back in September 2011 - we're calling it the "Major Update 1".

What's new? Here's just a couple of things:
  • user feedback is much more filtered now - Spin Rewriter will no longer pick up bad habits and misspelled words from its users
  • improved differentiation between similar meanings of words with multiple meanings
  • One-Click Rewrite now generates even more readable text, the difference on real-life test cases is more than significant
  • less frequently used synonyms are now methodically offered to users so Spin Rewriter can further evaluate their quality (in a non-intrusive way)
  • improved word manipulation - 99.9% of all verbs are now correctly transformed into their past-tense and gerund form, etc.
  • comparative adjectives are no longer suggested for superlative adjectives, and vice-versa (with some obvious exceptions where this is preferred)
  • we removed verbs in gerund form (-ing verbs) that were tied to verbs in their base form where required
  • we fixed a bug that caused our API to generate faulty spintax in some cases
  • Spin Rewriter API now offers a new setting - users can request articles to be spun only on the first level (no nested spins)
  • the One-Click Rewrite process offers a new setting that does the same - guarantees that the resulting text is spun on the first level only
  • your One-Click Rewrite preferences ("Protected Keywords", "Confidence", etc.) and similar preferences are now saved automatically
  • saved projects are correctly represented with their names (even if those names are later changed by users)
  • we now offer the "Bulk Rewrite" option where you rewrite multiple articles with a single click, and spun articles immediately show up in your Archive
  • we now offer the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option that rewrites one article with a single click and returns spun text, entirely skipping Step 2 of the process
  • our affiliate partners can find "embed codes" for all our promotional YouTube videos directly on our website, within the Affiliate Program section
  • our user interface is now using native browser handles for resizing various input fields (available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • we optimized and compressed browser-based code and made Spin Rewriter even more responsive and quicker to load
  • we researched our data about most common screen resolutions of our users, cleaned up the user interface and made it even faster
  • much much more ...
As you can see, we weren't kidding with this update ... Oh, and we're only getting started ... 😃

We'll follow up with detailed explanations of some of these updates in the following days, so - stay tuned! 😃

You can find all Spin Rewriter updates by clicking here.

Or you can jump to the website: http://www.SpinRewriter.com


Spin Rewriter has gotten more careful and more meticulous

We just improved the sub-system that's in charge of determining whether Spin Rewriter is confident enough about the exact meaning of a word that can represent more than one thing or not, and we've fine-tuned it in a way that will produce even better results when you go with the One-Click Rewrite option from now on.

On top of that, we've taken care of those annoying little grammar-related issues that our users have been reporting for a while now. You remember how Spin Rewriter sometimes used the misspelled words "developped" and "compeled" as past tense forms of verbs "develop" and "compel" and how it sporadically turned "await" into "awaitting"? Well, this doesn't happen anymore - it's all been fixed with this update.

You can expect this update to go live with all other updates that belong to the Major Update, scheduled for January 27th. 😃

Let's give all synonyms a fighting chance!

Over the last couple of months of closely inspecting everything that's going on with Spin Rewriter, we've noticed a phenomenon that should most certainly be taken care of. It's probably best if I simply give an example of the issue here, and you'll see why it's an important one.

Say you have a certain word (meaning) that comes with 30 synonyms. Usually at least some of these synonyms are not good enough, or not general enough, to be seriously considered, but you're still left with 15 good synonyms and 2 great ones. Well, Spin Rewriter users tend to quickly select only the top 2-4 synonym on average, and even though there's 10 more good synonyms available, those synonyms are usually never selected! Spin Rewriter sees that these synonyms are never selected and thinks "well, they must be no good then" and simply stops suggesting them, and certainly doesn't include them when it's doing a One-Click Rewrite of your articles.

That's a bit, well, unfair to those synonyms. That's why we designed a system that will sporadically bump up some of those forgotten synonyms so they'll appear immediately below the top ones when you're picking your synonyms. This way you might notice them and select them, and Spin Rewriter will know that those synonyms are, in fact, good as well.

There's quite a bit of magic involved in all of this, but we're certain we're going to see some absolutely great results with this new approach. This update will be rolled out on Friday, with our Major Update! 😃

Stay tuned! 😃

Improved differentiation between similar meanings

We've redesigned an important part of Spin Rewriter's database and - as a result of this - Spin Rewriter is now even better when it comes to figuring out the exact meaning a certain word can have in given context.

We aren't going to bore you with the details, however the changes we just implemented are going to have a profound effect on the One-Click Rewrite process and the results it produces. Just like the previous update, this one will also be included with Spin Rewriter's first "Major Update" that's going to happen in exactly one week, on next Friday. We can't wait. 😃

Spin Rewriter now uses "filtered" user feedback

We've noticed that Spin Rewriter picked up a few bad habits over the last couple of months. While the large majority of things that it's learned from its users have been great, there were also some quirks introduced into its system by users that may not be perfectly fluent in English. With this in mind we have developed a new sub-system that filters user feedback even more, and only learns from what are top quality suggestions.

This means that from now on there'll be no more weird definitions for various meanings, misspelled synonyms (we're still working on the issue with the plural form of some synonyms), synonyms that start with an uppercase letter even though they shouldn't, etc.

This update is going to be included with Spin Rewriter's first "Major Update" that's going to happen on Friday, January 27th. We're really excited about it. 😃

Spin Rewriter - MAJOR update scheduled for Jan 27

Yup, that's right - we're releasing the first MAJOR Spin Rewriter update since we first launched our new product back in September of last year.

Those of you who have contacted our support department in the last couple of weeks have probably already been told all about it (we're super excited about this update), however here's some more news for everyone else. We have the very first major Spin Rewriter update scheduled for January 27th, that's 15 days from now. What does that mean?
  • We'll inspect the learning process even more thoroughly than we have before, and we'll fine-tune it even more.
  • We'll clean up the user interface and make Spin Rewriter even easier to use.
  • We'll take care of those annoying little issues, such as nonsensical verbs ("he weres") that have been popping up as of late.
  • We'll introduce over 20 updates and new features!!!
We've been jotting down all your feedback meticulously all this time, and we're going to make sure that all great ideas are implemented with this new major update. We firmly believe that Spin Rewriter is going to become the undisputed number 1 article spinner on the market shortly after we roll out this important update.

Stay tuned! 😃


And We're Back!

Huh, the Holiday time has come and gone, and once again it's time to get back into the fully productive mode.

It's going to be a bit difficult at first, I have to admit - but once we get all our mental engines up and running, we'll be good to go.

What's new? We already introduced some updates to Spin Distribute, e.g. you can now use "https" links to link back to your websites when distributing articles.

What's coming? Well, at the moment we're looking at a To-Do list with 12 items (updates) for our amazing new spinning software called Spin Rewriter, and another To-Do list with 5 items that have to do with other projects.

2012 is certainly going to be a "busy one". 😃


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