Spin Rewriter 11 feedback blew us away

Our entire team is absolutely over the moon! 🌔

As you know, we rolled out the brand-new Spin Rewriter 11 two weeks ago on November 11th...

...and we are absolutely blown away by the FEEDBACK we've been receiving about the new upgrades and features inside Spin Rewriter 11!

Every single day it's an absolute dream-come-true to go over the feedback our awesome customers are sending in. Just reading about how much they love this brand-new version of Spin Rewriter absolutely makes my day.

And not only that...

Remember my blog post from October 6th? In that blog post, I mentioned how some article spinner review websites were still putting Spin Rewriter at number 2 on their list of best article rewriters.

Well, I guess reviewers took notice of all the upgrades and improvements this brand-new version of Spin Rewriter has brough to our users! 😃

The very same article spinner review website now puts as firmly at #1 position... as do a number of other article spinner review websites, like these:

All in all, we are BEYOND happy with how Spin Rewriter 11 has been received by our users so far, and will continue working crazy hard — for you guys! 👍

Spin Rewriter 11 is here!

We celebrated a BIG MOMENT earlier today!

At 9 AM Pacific, we rolled out the brand new Spin Rewriter 11!

Spin Rewriter 11 brings a ton of new features

We've managed to pack a TON of goodies into this year's brand new version 11 for all of our amazing users. Here's just 11 of them:

Goodie #1: We delivered another huge break-through with our ENL Semantic Spinning technology. Spin Rewriter 11 can now easily convert between the active and passive voice of sentences, among other things.

100% uniqueness & readability of your generated articles guaranteed!

Goodie #2: We've done another massive manual review (roughly 650 hours invested altogether) of Spin Rewriter's synonym database to further refine the suggestions our algorithm makes.

Goodie #3: We've been doing extensive in-person user testing for the entire past year, with real people using Spin Rewriter for the first time in front of our UX team. This allowed us to further improve user experience (UX) and ease-of-use. We are SUPER excited about these improvements!

Goodie #4: We've rolled out a brand-new on-boarding process that guides our newest users by the hand, all the way to their first finished high-quality spun article. This way everyone can succeed.

Goodie #5: We've prepared an entire BRAND-NEW collection of more than 12 detailed tutorial videos. These polished tutorial videos explain every single feature of Spin Rewriter and will turn you into a content-generating ninja.

Goodie #6: Our WordPress Plugin now lets you exclude entire categories of posts from being automatically spun and re-published once they reach a certain age. Extra control!

Goodie #7: We've expanded Spin Rewriter's integration with free stock photo & video collections even further. Spin Rewriter now even offers an intelligent 1-click option that enriches your spun articles with the most relevant media for you.

Goodie #8: In Step 3, you can now switch between "Visual" and "HTML" modes, letting you see the embedded relevant videos and images exactly as they will appear in your article once you publish it on your websites.

Goodie #9: When inserting relevant videos and images, you now have full control over how they appear — either in-between paragraphs or with text flowing around them. Of course the exact videos and images that are picked, and their position inside the article can be randomized in each generated unique article.

Goodie #10: Also in Step 3, you can now easily compare your generated unique articles to the article you started with. Any duplicated phrases from your original article that are still present in your new article will be highlighted — allowing you to apply some final edits to your generated article for that FULL 100% uniquness.

Goodie #11: All exports and downloads have been revamped — they are now faster and come with much friendlier filenames, for super easy archiving on your computer.

And much, much more...
Simply log into your Spin Rewriter account to see for yourself!

And if you don't have access just yet...
Go here to get access to the brand-new Spin Rewriter 11 today...

New tutorial videos are here!

Big news: We've just rolled out 12 brand-new, detailed video tutorials.

These video tutorials will guide you through individual features of Spin Rewriter, with every setting explained and every insider trick revealed.

For example, this one has been requested hundreds of times over the years:

Aaron's favorite spinning settings will ensure that your articles are extremely unique while being super readable, every single time.

📹 Check out the entire collection of NEW video tutorials here...

Sneak peek of Spin Rewriter 11

Things are getting more and more exciting around here!

🎉 Just 8 short days to go! 🎉

Spin Rewriter 11 launches on November 11th...

...and here's a SNEAK PEEK of the brand-new version 11:
Video: Sneak peek of Spin Rewriter 11

We literally couldn't be more excited about giving you a glimpse of the upcoming goodies... and this is just a small, tiny part of everything that's coming!

So, watch the video above — and I better get back to work, because these last couple of days before our big launches are always very, very busy! 😃


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