Tutorial: How to spin multiple articles at once (bulk rewriting)

Today we're bringing you another detailed video tutorial! 👌

This tutorial explains how you can use Spin Rewriter to rewrite multiple articles at once (which is also called "bulk spinning"). This way you can further improve your productivity when generating unique content.

You'll discover how you can enter multiple articles at once by composing them inside multiple text input fields, how you can upload multiple articles at once as separate text documents (.txt files) and how you can upload multiple articles at once in a single archive (.zip file).

You'll see how to fine-tune the ENL Semantic Spinning preferences that will be applied to all of your bulk articles as they go through the spinning process, and how your finalized (spun) articles will automatically appear inside your Archive.

Here's how to spin multiple articles at once (bulk rewriting):

Watch this video and you'll take your productivity when it comes to generating high-quality unique content to the next level.

Also, our full collection of video tutorials is available here... Enjoy!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021!

Phew... 2020 is finally over.

Here's to a much, much better 2021 and beyond! 🥂

Looking back at this strange year behind us through a more distanced lens, it wasn't ALL bad, though.

In fact, looking at Spin Rewriter, 2020 was actually a really successful year for us.

We launched the latest-and-greatest version 11 on 11/11 which brought our amazing users a huge list of incredible new goodies.

This latest version 11 of Spin Rewriter turned out to be a MASSIVE success. Our users (both long-time customers and brand-new ones) seem to really love this newest version and are sending us incredible feedback to this day.

I myself honestly couldn't be happier to see that. Happy customers is what we're all about. It's why we are investing all this effort into Spin Rewriter. And seeing that people actually love using Spin Rewriter is an absolute dream-come-true for our entire team.

Hopefully you were able to make the most out of 2020 as well.

And I hope that you're entering the new year with clear goals, strong focus and pure excitement about the opportunities and successes that lie ahead.

Here's to all of YOUR dreams coming true in the new year,

Aaron — and the entire INFINET LLC team 😃

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