Spin Rewriter gets full HTML support

We have re-created an important part of Spin Rewriter to ensure that you're able to use HTML code as well.

So far, Spin Rewriter worked best with plain text. From now on, you can enter HTML formatted text (with <a href=""> links, <p> paragraphs, <ul> lists, <b> bolded sections and so on) and you will still get readable high quality spun results. 😃

Give it a try! 😃

No more weird characters

Our users have been reporting that sometimes Spin Rewriter introduced extra characters into fractions (such as "1/2", "1/4" etc.). This means that your finished spun article contained things like "1\/2", "1\/4" and so on.

The same goes with "#LINK1#" being converted to "# LINK1 #" (with extra spaces) and "#keyword#" being converted to "# keyword #". These special keywords are only used by a fraction of our users, but we want to get everything just right.

Bottom line, it's all good now. 😃

Improved filenames for exported spun articles

We're always trying to make Spin Rewriter as intuitive as possible, so all our users feel right at home.

We just took another step in this direction. From now on, filenames of exported ZIP archives of your spun articles come with names that will help you find your articles even faster.

Stay tuned, there's more coming! 😃

Still working on Internet Explorer support

That's right - we're still working on Internet Explorer support.

The reason for this is that through something called "Accelerators" the latest versions of Internet Explorer desperately try to show their own context menus when a piece of text is selected. On the other hand, Spin Rewriter wants to show you the context menu with all available synonyms when you select a piece of text. And when these two types of context menus collide, it's not a pretty sight. But we're working on a solution. 😃

Hang in there, IE lovers! 😃

(Even) faster JavaScript

We're optimizing the JavaScript code that makes Spin Rewriter come to life inside your browser ...

We've already made it 25-30% faster, but we're not stopping there - I'm pretty certain that we'll be rolling out a 40% overall faster version of Spin Rewriter in the next 4-5 business days.

Free of charge, of course. 😃

We made life easier for our Affiliate Partners

You can now easily request your finalized affiliate earnings to be transferred to your PayPal account with a couple of clicks. 😃

To request the payment, go to your Control Panel and click the Affiliate Program button on the right. Immediately below the graph with your earnings you'll find a link saying "Request Your Finalized Affiliate Earnings "" on the right hand side of the page.

Click this link, fill out the payee data (you only have to do this once), and you're pretty much ready to be paid. 😃

Oh, and thanks for promoting our services! 😃

Reason for last week's issues: HACKER ATTACK! :(

Those of you who are using your Spin Rewriter subscription and our other services to the fullest, have undoubtedly noticed that we were experiencing some issues last week.

Our servers usually became much less responsive at 30 minutes within every hour (8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, etc.) and these periods of low responsiveness lasted for 3 to 9 minutes most of the time. There were also some sporadic time periods of connection issues, these usually happened towards the end of the hour (5:46 PM, 9:48 PM, etc.). We launched a thorough investigation as soon as our monitoring systems started reporting these issues, and we've been working practically non-stop for 50+ hours in order to resolve these issues.

I'm sad to say that the primary reason for these issues was an outside attack. We're still tracking the attacker and will have more information shortly. This attack only caused additional load on our servers, so there's nothing to worry about - we're just sorry that you had to deal with these issues at all.

Here's to doing honest business, and never having to deal with things like this again! 😃

Spin Rewriter is more robust now

As part of our on-going efforts to make Spin Rewriter is robust as possible, we have introduced a couple of changes to the underlying algorithms and to the user interface. Our server load should be more consistent with less blocking when a random spike in traffic occurs, and users will give much more detailed reports about various issues that arise every now and then, along with suggestions about overcoming these issues.

Oh, and don't get us wrong - Spin Rewriter is still working perfectly fine 99% of the time. 😃 We're just committed to delivering the best possible product! 😃

Happy Easter!

We might be a bit late, but it comes from the heart. 😃

Unfortunately not all was great during these holidays - Spin Rewriter's server grid had some issues, and we're still working on them at the moment. We know what went wrong, so it's basically just a matter of time until we resolve them - but we'll need some more time. Supposedly everything's going to be 100% OK on Wednesday at 4 AM EST, or so.

Stay tuned! 😃


We've been absolutely bombarded with new sign-ups in these last couple of days - and we love that, of course!

This means even more user feedback for Spin Rewriter to learn from (and get even better), and more user feedback in the form of emails for us to organize and further improve the user experience.

We'll keep on working hard, guys! 😃

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