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Spin Rewriter - Blog Posts from July 2011

These 4 posts about Spin Rewriter were published in July 2011.

July 28th, 2011   •   Spin Rewriter is even faster now
With yesterday's update we managed to cut down the post-processing time (when our software is actually learning from the changes you applied to your article so it can get even better in time) a whopping 82-84%!

This means that the user experience is even smoother now, and once you click the "Continue to the Final Step" you don't have to wait for more than a couple of seconds. If you have a good internet connection, it actually takes less than 1 second to take you to the final step.

Stay tuned, we're working hard!
Posted by: Aaron Sustar

July 21st, 2011   •   A major update
Just this morning we rolled out one of the major updates of our new article rewriter, called Spin Rewriter.

This includes an even faster user interface, 65% shorter pre-processing time (when our software is figuring out the exact meaning of each word of your text), it also takes 25% less time to generate and sort lists of relevant synonyms now, and the One-Click Rewrite option almost never crashes any more.

Pretty good for a beta product, right?
Posted by: Aaron Sustar

July 12th, 2011   •   Why you *should be* excited about Spin Rewriter
Let's face it, today's article rewriters can be pretty dumb. They can't tell the difference between the word "book" in "John will book a hotel room." and the word "book" in "John will read a book."

What's more they always suggest "is going to" and "are going to" for the word "will". If the original sentence is "John will do this", then "are going to" doesn't make much sense, does it? If the original sentence is "Such was his will." then the situation is even worse.

However, in the last 4 years we experienced a number of incredibly important discoveries in the text manipulation field of Computer Science. With our current technology we're able to create the best article rewriter the world has ever seen!

What can you really expect from Spin Rewriter? Spin Rewriter means that:
  • You can rewrite your articles using our intelligent One-Click Rewrite system
  • You can create new articles automagically using our collection of 750,000 synonyms
  • You can export articles with the {first option|second option} spintax
  • You can create absolutely unique articles and export hundreds of them at once
  • You can select the desired level of uniqueness of generated articles
  • You can have our software learn your style of writing
  • You can totally dominate everybody else with tons of unique content

And best of all? It's free at the moment - just sign up to be one of our Beta Testers!
Posted by: Aaron Sustar

July 1st, 2011   •   Video Teaser for Spin Rewriter
Alright, "shit just got real" as they say in the movies!

We just released a promo video for Spin Rewriter and I honestly find it really amazing. My guys once again did an awesome job and we're all really excited about this.

Check it out:

... and if you like it, join us at!
Posted by: Aaron Sustar

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Why are we publishing all these updates?

Our official Spin Rewriter blog lets our amazing users know what's happening here at Spin Rewriter at all times.

This way you can try out the newest features as soon as they're available — and let us know what you think.

This needs to be said again — thank you so much for your feedback!
Aaron Sustar
- Aaron Sustar
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