Proper Capitalization? Sure!

Here's a new week — and a new Spin Rewriter update. 👍

As you know, Spin Rewriter can be quite the wordsmith. But sometimes, even its ENL Semantic Spinning algorithm can make a mistake.

Something that we've noticed (very rarely, but still!) is that our algorithm would sometimes stumble on Capitalization of Words, especially when those words were a bit ambiguous.

With today's update, Spin Rewriter is now 100% rock-solid when it comes to correct capitalization of days of the week, holidays (we've incorporated a large database of national holidays from all over the world), country names, city names, etc.

Enjoy the update — it'll let you produce even better content! 😃

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Why are we publishing all these updates?
Our blog lets our amazing users know what's happening here at Spin Rewriter at all times, so they can try out the newest features as soon as they're available — and let us know what you think.

Let us say this again: Thank you for your feedback!