Improved handling of optional phrases

We just rolled out a small, but sweet upgrade to our synonym processing algorithm.

Imagine you're dealing with the following sentence:
"I hear you {loud and clear | }."

If you're familiar with spinning syntax (also called spintax), you'll notice that the phrase "loud and clear" in this sentence is completely optional. In other words, it can be replaced with an empty string, or "".

But herein lies an issue. If we simply replace this phrase with an empty string, we get the following sentence:
"I hear you ."

Notice the extra space before the period? 🧐

Well, that's clearly no good. 🙈 So we've just rolled out an upgrade to Spin Rewriter that fixes edge-cases like this and makes all your generated articles even better.

Enjoy the upgrade!

Credit card only? No problem!

After 9 years of processing all sign-ups and all transactions through PayPal only, we're now making it even easier to be a fully-fledged Spin Rewriter user. 😜

Over the past 12-18 months, we've been receiving an ever-increasing number of emails from our potential customers, saying that they either don't have a PayPal account or don't want to use it to sign up for their Spin Rewriter access.

What all these people wanted was actually super simple — an option to sign up with a credit card, no PayPal required.

It took us a while — we take anything regarding sign-ups and payments extremely seriously! — but now we've finally done it. 👏

We've evaluated a number of payment gateways and processors, and settled on Paddle as the company that will be processing all major credit cards for our awesome users.

Here's some benefits of processing credit cards through Paddle:

  • Paddle supports all major credit cards, including Apple Pay on supported devices.
  • Paddle lets you sign up through a lovely interface without ever leaving our website.
  • You can cancel your free trial or your subscription with a single click from your Spin Rewriter account, without having to contact us at all.
  • You can change your payment method to a different credit card or even to your PayPal account just as easily.
  • Paddle lets you know about upcoming rebills so you're never surprised by them.

Our Paddle integration went live on January 17th and so far, we've been extremely happy with it — and so have our users. 😃

So, how do you sign up through Paddle (with your credit card) instead of through PayPal? Simply log in, go to My Account and you'll see a special link just below our 3 pricing plans.

It's as simple as that. 👍 Enjoy!

API quota increased for everyone

I dropped a hint in yesterday's blog post already, but our recent server infrastructure upgrade allowed us to roll out another great surprise for all of our users. 😎

We've increased the quota for API requests for all Spin Rewriter users from 300 to 500 per day. 👍

That's a 67% increase in the number of available daily API requests, at absolutely no extra charge to our amazing users.

This change is already reflected in our API documentation as well.


Server maintenance DONE!

Good news, everyone! 😃

As you know, we had a major server infrastructure upgrade scheduled for earlier today, between 4 AM EST and 8 AM EST.

We took Spin Rewriter offline at 4:16 AM EST and brought it back up at 7:14 AM EST, for a total downtime of 2 hours 58 minutes instead of the expected 4 hours.

At this point, all systems are once again running at 100% and we couldn't be happier with the upgrade!

Big immediate upside: We're now running Spin Rewriter on truly state-of-the-art infrastructure with 10x more network capacity and full network redundancy. The upgraded redundancy has also been applied to our power infrastructure to make the entire setup even more robust.

Another upside: We need to do a tiny bit more testing before revealing this, so stay tuned... but we've got another awesome surprise in store for you. 👍

Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you for being one of our awesome Spin Rewriter users — and you can rest assured that Spin Rewriter is only getting better and better with upgrades like this one!

Scheduled server maintenance for January 16th

This coming Thursday, on January 16th, we will be rolling out some major upgrades to our server infrastructure.

While the beyond-the-scenes improvements are probably a bit too technical to get into here, we definitely want to give all our awesome users a heads-up:

⚠ïļ On Thursday, January 16th, Spin Rewriter will be largely unavailable between 4 AM EST and 8 AM EST.

We're hoping we can keep the actual downtime significantly shorter than 4 hours, however that's the official time frame we're aiming for.

We've made sure to roll out the upgrades at a time-of-day where our website sees the lowest number of users — but even so, we still apologize in advance to everyone who will need to wait a bit before getting to use Spin Rewriter on Thursday.

What's the upside? Regular maintenance like this is required to keep our infrastructure in top-notch shape. After the upgrade, you will notice a definite speed improvement, your information will be even safer, and our infrastructure will be even more future-proof.

So, as they say — onwards and upwards! 😃

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020!

Oh wow... ðŸĪŊ Another year over, just like that!

And not just that...

2019 was a HUGE, monumental year for Spin Rewriter.

We launched the incredible new version 10 on 10/10. Version 10 brought to you a brand-new professional design — and that was after 8 years of using our original design with minor tweaks along the way.

We re-thought and re-built the new design from the ground up. We worked with world-class UX experts and we invited dozens of people into our office so we could see how they use Spin Rewriter.

All this effort has been worth it a HUNDRED times over!

Spin Rewriter 10 turned out to be a MASSIVE success, and we couldn't be happier to see how excited all of our customers (both long-time customers and brand-new ones) are about the power and ease-of-use of Spin Rewriter.

This has been our dream all along! ðŸĨ‚

We're hoping 2019 has been a wonderful year for you as well. We're hoping you're entering the new year and the new decade with clear goals, strong focus, and that you're excited about what lies ahead.

Here's to all of your dreams coming true in the new year,

Aaron — and the entire INFINET LLC team 😃

Further improved One Click Rewrite

We've just rolled out another update to our famous One Click Rewrite feature that makes Spin Rewriter even more powerful. 💊

Imagine you run the One Click Rewrite operation — and once it's done, you've got your article with thousands of suggested synonyms.

At this point you decide to add some additional protected keywords and to enable the "Automatically protect all Capitalized Words" option.

With this newest update, One Click Rewrite will now automatically take your newest preferences into account and make sure that all suggested synonyms stay in accordance with your preferences...

...making you even more productive!

Enjoy! 😃

New website performs GREAT!

Spin Rewriter 10 has now been out for almost a month... and we're still absolutely over the moon about how well it's been received. ðŸĪŠ

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us overwhelmingly positive feedback and countless incredibly kind messages.

We truly appreciate it more than we can say!

We haven't slowed down after the huge version 10 launch, either.

We're continuing our HARD work every single day to make Spin Rewriter as amazing as it can possibly be. For example, take a look at the result of a Speed Test Audit on our new website:

Incredible performance of the brand-new Spin Rewriter 10 website

The new website scores incredibly well on all metrics, with scores in the nineties all across the board. We couldn't be happier — the work of our dev team has truly paid off!

To give you an idea of what an achievement that is, try running the same Speed Test Audit on any other modern, complex website... or on our competitors' websites. The results are pretty telling. 🙈

Of course we're more than happy to put in the extra work — because that means that you, our amazing users, will enjoy using Spin Rewriter even more. 👍

Thank you for using Spin Rewriter
and stay tuned for regular updates in the future!

Spin Rewriter 10 is now live!

Earlier today, at 9 AM Pacific, it finally happened...

The brand new Spin Rewriter 10 is now available to everyone!

Spin Rewriter 10 brings a new design

For this momentous occasion, for the BIG and round version 10, we feel like Spin Rewriter grew up in a number of ways.

For one, we've re-built the entire design from scratch. We used the latest industry standards and made sure that the new Spin Rewriter 10 website is functional, beautiful, performant, and accessible to everyone.

(We'll post more details about this entire process in future blog posts... it was so much fun, and seriously mind-blowing!) ðŸĪ“

We've also worked with world-class UI design and UX experts. One of the things we did was something the experts are calling "extensive user tests". This means we brought people into our office and watched them use Spin Rewriter for the very first time.

That ONE thing turned out to be absolutely eye-opening! It let us improve the experience of using Spin Rewriter tenfold, if not more. And it was fun to boot.

Finally, we've made the underlying ENL Semantic Spinning technology even more powerful. We've increased our lead in machine-processing of English (as a natural language) in order to make Spin Rewriter deliver even better, more readable, and more unique articles to our amazing customers.

But enough words for now...
Go check out the brand-new Spin Rewriter 10 for yourself!

Spin Rewriter 10 is now a week away...

Wow — Spin Rewriter 10 is coming just a week from now!

Not only that... We've also got a sneak peek for you!

Go right here and you'll see what makes Spin Rewriter 10 absolutely special...

We can't wait to let you put all of its power to great use, on October 10th.

Just 7 short days to go... ðŸĪĐ

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Why are we publishing all these updates?
Our blog lets our amazing users know what's happening here at Spin Rewriter at all times. This way you can try out the newest features as soon as they're available — and let us know what you think.

Let us say this again: Thank you for your feedback!