Happy 12th Birthday, Spin Rewriter!

Today is a very special day for our entire team.

🥳 Today Spin Rewriter turns 12 years old! 🥳

It's truly hard to believe that it's been 12 years since the very first version of Spin Rewriter went live all the way back in September 2011.

But one thing's for sure: We have kept working extremely hard for the past 12 years, and we could not be happier about where Spin Rewriter is today. 🤩

And perhaps even more importantly than that...

We also couldn't possibly be more excited about where it's going next.

Because today, on its birthday, we have a big announcement to make about the next, revolutionary version of Spin Rewriter:

🥳 Spin Rewriter AI will go live on October 11th, 2023. 🥳

This will be — by far! — the biggest revolution in terms of its capabilities ever.

The recent revolution in the space of Large Language Model (LLM) AI is truly the stuff of dreams for people like us who have devoted our lives and careers to understanding natural language through state-of-the-art algorithms.

Our very own ENL (Emulated Natural Language) Semantic Spinning technology will be taking such a giant leap forward with the launch of Spin Rewriter AI that we feel you're going to find it hard to believe.

And we couldn't be more excited to share it with you — soon.

So, once again, here's to Spin Rewriter: Happy 12th Birthday! 🎂

And here's to our amazing customers: THANK YOU! 🥂

We appreciate you so much, and we promise to deliver something truly extraordinary to all of our wonderful users on October 11th! ❤️

Further improved synonym selection UX

At Spin Rewriter we believe the UX (user experience) is incredibly important. That's why we're always looking for ways to improve it even further.

Today we'll be focusing on the UX changes that we've made to the synonym selection interface and that we've rolled out with a recent upate.

We realized that our existing synonym selection interface had a few potential areas for improvement — until very recently. Here they are:

  • If there were too many synonyms available for a given word or phrase, sometimes the list of synonyms got cut off at the bottom of the browser window.

  • Sometimes it wasn't obvious enough that the list of synonyms is scrollable.

  • The input field to manually add a custom synonym was not visible enough.

And I'm beyond happy to report — we have resolved all of these UX issues:

Spin Rewriter - Mobile menus, before and after

Now, with this latest update:

  • The list of synonyms is never cut off abruptly at the end of the browser window. If the list is too long, it now ends in a visually pleasing way.

  • When there are additional synonyms available past the end of the screen, we make sure to cut off the list at a point where users can see the top-half of the last synonym which makes it obvious that the list is scrollable.

  • The input field for custom synonyms is now much more visible.

We hope you like this update. 🙌 And we'll keep working hard to make sure that Spin Rewriter remains an absolute joy to use! 🤩

Tutorial: How to use the Archive (plus a hidden trick)

Today we're diving into another Spin Rewriter hands-on video tutorial. 🎓

Previously (in this blog post series) you discovered how to add alternative sentences and entire paragraphs with the help of Spin Rewriter.

Today you'll learn how to efficiently use the "My Archive" section of your Spin Rewriter account which is where all of your finished spun articles live.

You'll also discover how to easily add, edit, rename and delete custom categories and how to assign your articles to different categories:

Finally, this video tutorial reveals an advanced technique: You'll discover how you can use "bulk" operations on multiple articles at the same time (this is extremely powerful)... plus, in this tutorial I reveal yet another hidden trick at the very end.

Hope you like it — and enjoy! 😃

Improved synonym selection interface

At Spin Rewriter we always keep looking for new ways to further improve the user experience where it matters.

And a good UX matters the most when you're focusing on the actual task you're trying to achieve. With Spin Rewriter, this most important moment is definitely when our users are actively rewriting their articles into new, unique ones.

With our latest update (which has already been rolled out to all our users!) we have significantly improved the synonym selection user interface for words and phrases that only have a single possible meaning.

You see, before this update, we were still showing that single available meaning as being selectable. But now, after this latest update, if a word or a phrase doesn't have multiple meanings to choose from, we simply show the dictionary definition of the only possible meaning of the word or phrase.

Here's what the updated synonym selection UI looks like:

Spin Rewriter - Mobile menus, before and after

You'll notice the whole section no longer says "Filter by meaning" as there is only a single meaning available. Instead it simply says "Meaning", displaying a dictionary-like definition of the word facelift in this particular case.

We hope you like this latest update. 🤩 Enjoy rewriting your articles! 👍

Tutorial: How to manually add alternative sentences and paragraphs

Once again it's time for a fresh Spin Rewriter video tutorial. 🎥

The last time around in this same series of blog posts we looked at how you can automatically rewrite sentences with a single click in Step 1 of the Spin Rewriter process.

Today we'll show you how you can manually add alternative sentences and paragraphs (for extra uniqueness) by using yet another feature in Step 1:

There are no details left out. Simply follow the instructions in the video and you'll add a new dimension of uniqueness to all your generated spun articles. 📚

And — of course — don't forget to check out the full collection of Spin Rewriter video tutorials right here. Have fun! 🤩

Redesigned mobile menus

Here at Spin Rewriter we're never fully satisfied with the status quo. We feel there's always things to improve, and there's always a way to deliver an even better experience to our wonderful users.

Let's take a look at an example of this. 😃

The menus of the Spin Rewriter website were starting to show their age a little bit when viewed on a mobile device. While this mobile menu design might have been OK in 2019 (when it first went live), it doesn't quite cut it anymore. So we've rolled up our sleeves and rolled out a brand-new mobile menu design.

Here's what the mobile menu on the homepage of Spin Rewriter looked like before, and what it looks like now (after):

Spin Rewriter - Mobile menus, before and after

It went from offering a pretty "blah" experience to now offering a tight, consistent and friendly list of options that's also much more scannable due to its new alignment. In practice, the new menu is an absolute joy to navigate on a mobile device.

Here's what the before/after looks like for the Control Panel mobile menu:

Spin Rewriter - Mobile menus, before and after

Again, the menu definitely worked fine before. It did its job. But now it's a joy to use. It's much more robust while being friendlier at the same time. Even with two new options at the end of the list, the new design makes it easier to quickly find what you're looking for.

It's little things like this that add up to something wonderful over time. At least that's how we feel. And it's hard to deny that Spin Rewriter has grown into something truly wonderful over the past 12 years! 🤩

Enjoy the new menus!

Tutorial: How to automatically rewrite paragraphs with 1 click

Back in early March we looked at how Spin Rewriter lets you easily rewrite sentences with a single click in Step 1 of the spinning process.

Today we'll take a look at how you can automatically rewrite entire PARAGRAPHS with a single click, too (in Step 1):

By following these instructions and enabling the correct settings in Step 1 of the rewriting process, you can ensure that your generated spun articles will be fundamentally different from your seed article, i.e. the article you started with. Entire paragraphs will be completely rewritten, from scratch, with a different internal structure.

And if you're looking for additional tips when it comes to creating unique content, you can always check out more video tutorials that we've prepared for our amazing Spin Rewriter users. Have fun! 😃

Generate unique articles without ANY of the original words

This morning we rolled out yet another important upgrade to Spin Rewriter for all of our amazing users. 🚀

We're now giving our users the option of exporting their generated unique articles in spintax format without any of the original words that were present in the seed article.

It's as simple as going to Step 3 of the spinning process, clicking "Export" and then "Export the finished article in spintax format", and finally choosing the "No, include only synonyms" option.

By taking advantage of this new feature, our users can use the generated spintax inside other SEO products and make sure that all of their generated articles will be even more unique when compared to the original article (although slightly less readable).

What does this mean exactly? 🤔

Well, imagine your original article contains the following sentence:
"I will read a book."

Once Spin Rewriter does its magic, the sentence now looks something like this:
"I will read a {book|novel|magazine}."

Without this newest feature enabled, when generating unique articles from this spintax, Spin Rewriter would sometimes generate "I will read a book.", sometimes "I will read a novel." and sometimes "I will read a magazine."

However, with this newest feature enabled, Spin Rewriter will never use the word "book" that appeared in the seed article originally. It will only ever generate sentences "I will read a novel." and "I will read a magazine."

As a result, when comparing your generated unique articles to the original seed article you started with, the new articles will be even more unique.

Hope you like this new feature — and that you're going to put it to good use! 😃

No more squinting!

Today — for what I'm sure is a welcome change 😅 — we're not going to be talking about some tech-heavy behind-the-scenes change to our rewriting algorithm.

Today we'll be focusing on something much simpler.

I'm super happy to announce that we've just rolled out a much friendlier video viewing option across the entire Spin Rewriter website.

This means that all visitors to Spin Rewriter can now open our videos in a sweet, almost-full-screen viewer instead of squinting and struggling to see the details of our videos inside their original embedded containers.

If you want to try this new option for yourself, simply head over to the Spin Rewriter homepage and click the pulsating Play button on our main video with the Live Demo.

Hope you like it! 😎

Tutorial: How to automatically rewrite sentences with 1 click

Time for another Spin Rewriter video tutorial. 🤩

Previously we looked at how you can export hundreds of unique articles in Step 3 of the spinning process.

Today you'll discover which settings you need (in Step 1) to automatically rewrite entire sentences with almost no effort:

By following these instructions, your generated articles will be even more unique than they would be otherwise. 👍

And if you're hungry for more "ninja content skills", feel free to check out the entire video tutorial collection that is available to all of our users. Enjoy! 🎓

For more posts, check out the Monthly Archives.

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