PBN Hosting: Guide to Private Blog Networks - CHAPTER 1

Okay, this is BIG! 🤩

As you know, Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are absolutely crucial for your SEO success in 2020.

When used right, PBNs work like magic.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have taken our SEO Guide to Private Blog Networks (PBN Hosting) to the very next level.

We've just released a fully updated Chapter 1: The Basics.

In this chapter, you'll learn:

  • What exactly is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?
  • Why build your own Private Blog Network?
  • How and why does a PBN help you rank your websites?
  • How do you use your own PBN correctly?
  • 7 DO's that every successful PBN has to follow
  • 7 DON'Ts that every successful PBN must avoid

Our entire PBN guide is available to you — our amazing Spin Rewriter users — completely free of charge. We want you to succeed!

You can get started with Chapter 1 right here:

Chapter 1: SEO Guide to Private Blog Networks (PBN Hosting)

You're going to love this! 👍

Improvements to our learning algorithms

Spin Rewriter is not only smart — it's getting EVEN SMARTER all the time! 🤓

Just this morning we rolled out a big update to our machine learning algorithms, and this update is going to make Spin Rewriter even better.

So, what do these learning algorithms do? 🤔

Here's the jist of how it all works:

  • Spin Rewriter always analyzes the meaning of every single word and phrase in your original article.
  • Spin Rewriter then suggests synonyms for these words and phrases.
  • Spin Rewriter also suggests variations in sentence and paragraph structure of your article.
  • Our learning algorithms then keep a close eye on all suggestions to see if our awesome users manually change any of our suggestions.
  • These manual changes include activation of additional suggested synonyms, removal of synonyms, manual entry of new synonyms, etc.
  • If multiple users change the suggested synonyms in the same way for words and phrases that appear in a similar context, that tells our learning algorithms that they should automatically improve those suggestions in the future.
  • And that's exactly what happens. 😃

Spin Rewriter sometimes feels quite magical in the way it understands context and suggests the perfect synonyms — and with this update, it's going to be even more magical in the future.

Guide to Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Big news! 🤩

You know how Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are absolutely crucial for SEO success in 2020? When you use them right, they truly work like magic.

But what if you're unsure what Private Blog Networks even are?

And what if you're not quite sure how to build your own Private Blog Network, and how to maintain it?

And what if you don't know how to make sure your PBN guarantees incredible rankings for your websites?

Well — your friendly Spin Rewriter SEO team is here to help! 💪

We have just released our official
SEO Guide to Private Blog Networks (PBNs)...

In this guide to Private Blog Networks, we reveal:

  • Exactly what are Private Blog Networks (PBNs)?
  • What are the benefits of having your own PBN?
  • How do you use your own PBN correctly?
  • How do you build your own PBN?
  • How do you maintain your own PBN for best results?
  • How do you get great domains for your PBN websites?
  • 3 checklists for buying great expired domains
  • What are PBN footprints and how to avoid them?
  • 4 checklists to avoid dangerous PBN footprints

All of this is available to you — our amazing Spin Rewriter users — completely free of charge. We just want you to succeed!

So make sure to dig in right now:

🌎 Free Guide to Private Blog Networks (PBNs) 🌎

Enjoy! 👍

(Even) faster article exports!

Can you believe it's June already? For some reason this seems absolutely crazy to me right now... Probably because we missed out on so much spring-time fun because of the virus and the lockdowns.

Well — no worries either way. It's time for some good news today!

This morning we rolled out the latest Spin Rewriter codebase improvements to our public servers, and here's just one of the things you're definitely going to notice right off the bat:

Article exports are now screaming fast! 🚀

Our article exporting feature has always been significantly faster than those of our competitors, with your typical export of 500 unique articles of average length taking anywhere between 4 and 6 seconds on average.

Keep in mind that within these 4 to 6 seconds, our servers had to:
1) Create 500 articles from your spintax.
2) Organize the articles and ZIP them into an archive file.
3) Download the articles to your computer.

We have now dug even deeper and made the entire process even more efficient, shaving off another 25-30% of the required time.

Have fun creating your virtually endless unique content! 😃

Capitalization algorithms also got an upgrade

The updates to Spin Rewriter simply aren't stopping these days...

Our team has truly been on fire for months now. 🔥 (Thankfully not 100% literally.)

So, what kind of goodies did we just roll out with the latest update this morning?

We've improved the handling of capitalization in certain (rare) cases that could sometimes trip up our algorithms. One of these cases is when a "spinnable" phrase begins with a number.

Let me give you an example: Suppose your original article includes the phrase "50 years". Spin Rewriter is happy to offer some synonyms, for example we can spin this phrase into "fifty years" right off the bat.

But there's a catch! The original phrase "50 years" could appear at the beginning of a sentence, or it could appear in the middle of a sentence. In the first case, Spin Rewriter will need to spin the phrase as "Fifty years" — while in the second case, the phrase should become "fifty years".

So, despite working with the exact same original phrase "50 years" and the exact same synonym ("fifty"), the correct capitalization of the suggested synonym depends on further understanding of the context. And now Spin Rewriter handles this like a champ! 🏆

Not only that — if you begin with the phrase "50 YEARS", Spin Rewriter will consider the capitalization of the entire original phrase and spin this as "FIFTY YEARS". Pretty cool, right? 😃

Further improved pluralization

Another week — another Spin Rewriter update. 😃

We've just pushed a new version of our pluralization engine to live Spin Rewriter servers, and it comes with a host of updates.

One of the things you'll notice is that we're now handling some corner-cases even better than before. That means when you start with the word "sometimes", Spin Rewriter will no longer offer (under any circumstances) the phrase "for a whiles" — because it now understands that "sometimes" wasn't plural in the first place, and that pluralizing "while" into "whiles" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 🙈

It was actually quite fun chasing down these corner-cases and strange little bugs.

Have fun with the update!

Proper Capitalization? Sure!

Here's a new week — and a new Spin Rewriter update. 👍

As you know, Spin Rewriter can be quite the wordsmith. But sometimes, even its ENL Semantic Spinning algorithm can make a mistake.

Something that we've noticed (very rarely, but still!) is that our algorithm would sometimes stumble on Capitalization of Words, especially when those words were a bit ambiguous.

With today's update, Spin Rewriter is now 100% rock-solid when it comes to correct capitalization of days of the week, holidays (we've incorporated a large database of national holidays from all over the world), country names, city names, etc.

Enjoy the update — it'll let you produce even better content! 😃

Improved handling of optional phrases

We just rolled out a small, but sweet upgrade to our synonym processing algorithm.

Imagine you're dealing with the following sentence:
"I hear you {loud and clear | }."

If you're familiar with spinning syntax (also called spintax), you'll notice that the phrase "loud and clear" in this sentence is completely optional. In other words, it can be replaced with an empty string, or "".

But herein lies an issue. If we simply replace this phrase with an empty string, we get the following sentence:
"I hear you ."

Notice the extra space before the period? 🧐

Well, that's clearly no good. 🙈 So we've just rolled out an upgrade to Spin Rewriter that fixes edge-cases like this and makes all your generated articles even better.

Enjoy the upgrade!

Credit card only? No problem!

After 9 years of processing all sign-ups and all transactions through PayPal only, we're now making it even easier to be a fully-fledged Spin Rewriter user. 😜

Over the past 12-18 months, we've been receiving an ever-increasing number of emails from our potential customers, saying that they either don't have a PayPal account or don't want to use it to sign up for their Spin Rewriter access.

What all these people wanted was actually super simple — an option to sign up with a credit card, no PayPal required.

It took us a while — we take anything regarding sign-ups and payments extremely seriously! — but now we've finally done it. 👏

We've evaluated a number of payment gateways and processors, and settled on Paddle as the company that will be processing all major credit cards for our awesome users.

Here's some benefits of processing credit cards through Paddle:

  • Paddle supports all major credit cards, including Apple Pay on supported devices.
  • Paddle lets you sign up through a lovely interface without ever leaving our website.
  • You can cancel your free trial or your subscription with a single click from your Spin Rewriter account, without having to contact us at all.
  • You can change your payment method to a different credit card or even to your PayPal account just as easily.
  • Paddle lets you know about upcoming rebills so you're never surprised by them.

Our Paddle integration went live on January 17th and so far, we've been extremely happy with it — and so have our users. 😃

So, how do you sign up through Paddle (with your credit card) instead of through PayPal? Simply log in, go to My Account and you'll see a special link just below our 3 pricing plans.

It's as simple as that. 👍 Enjoy!

API quota increased for everyone

I dropped a hint in yesterday's blog post already, but our recent server infrastructure upgrade allowed us to roll out another great surprise for all of our users. 😎

We've increased the quota for API requests for all Spin Rewriter users from 300 to 500 per day. 👍

That's a 67% increase in the number of available daily API requests, at absolutely no extra charge to our amazing users.

This change is already reflected in our API documentation as well.


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