Improved detection of primary keywords

As you know, Spin Rewriter can be extremely helpful even once you're done spinning your article — by automatically suggesting to fetch relevant images and videos that you can add to your unique articles.

And we've just made this feature even better. 😎

The details of what we've done are a bit technical and have to do with correct handling of non-Unicode data when determining the most relevant (primary) keywords of your spun articles. So we're not going to bore you with these...

But the result is, Spin Rewriter is now even more confident (and more robust) when automatically suggesting the primary keywords of your spun articles. That is, keywords that are most likely to return super-relevant royalty-free images and videos that you can embed into all of your unique articles with a single click.

This update is already live — so you can go check it out for yourself! 👍

New API library: C#

It's time for some more good news for our fellow coders! 🤓

As you probably know, Spin Rewriter offers a way for 3rd party software products to integrate the power of ENL Semantic Spinning through our extremely capable Spin Rewriter API.

And we're always working tirelessly to make sure these integrations are an absolute breeze. It's always been one of our goals to make integrating Spin Rewriter into other products as easy as possible.

Which brings me to today's good news! 🤩

We've just unveiled our newest C# SDK library which makes it an absolute breeze to integrate Spin Rewriter into the products of any C# developers out there. And of course we've also prepared working C# code samples to make things even easier.

Developers can also easily install the Spin Rewriter API package through nuget (package installer for C#). 👍

Bottom line — if you're a fellow coder and you're looking to integrate the ENL Semantic Spinning capabilities of Spin Rewriter right into your own product(s), head over to our updated API Code Samples page where you'll find our newest C# SDK, along with PHP, Python, JavaScript and other code samples that we've prepared for you.

We can't wait to see what you create with the power of our API! 😃

Spin Rewriter vs. Spinner Chief

It's time for yet another blog post from our incredibly well-received collection of detailed product comparisons.

(Thank you for all the wonderful feedback, btw!) 👏

For today's comparison we're asking ourselves:
"How does Spin Rewriter compare to Spinner Chief?"

After a deep-dive and many hours of thorough research, we've made it super-easy for you to compare Spin Rewriter vs. Spinner Chief:

Spin Rewriter versus Spinner Chief

Read our detailed comparison to discover the benefits and drawbacks of each of these two popular text rewriters...

Spoiler: Spinner Chief did quite well — but you'll find out much more about it at the link above.

Enjoy this latest comparison! 👍

Vastly improved downloads

This morning we rolled out an update that significantly improves the user experience (UX) of various downloads all across your Spin Rewriter account.

So what do we mean by that? 🤔

Well, as you know, you have the option of downloading various things when using Spin Rewriter.

💾 For example, in Step 3 you can export and download literally hundreds (or even thousands!) of unique articles. You can download all of these unique articles either inside one big .txt file (using custom separators), or inside a .zip file that contains each individual article as a .txt file.

💾 You can also download articles (either individually or in bulk) directly from your Archive of spun articles.

💾 And of course you can also download your bonuses, and more!

Until now, when our users clicked a download link in certain browsers, a new browser tab briefly popped up on their screen before getting closed automatically a split second later, and the file being downloaded to the Downloads folder on their computer. It all worked well, but we felt that it wasn't the most polished user experience ever and that we could do better.

And I'm super happy to say that now, after this latest update, downloading files from Spin Rewriter is an absolute joy. 🤩

Now you simply click a download link — and your files will download straight into your Downloads folder while displaying a lovely progress bar, with no flashing of new browser tabs or anything like that. And on top of that, all of your downloaded files will now come with extremely friendly and descriptive filenames, for example: "2021-06-08 at 10.48.23 - unique articles"

It's »small« upgrades like this that make Spin Rewriter truly special to use — and we believe it's these updates that make the experience of using Spin Rewriter so vastly different from using most of the other products in the market.

This latest update is already live, so you can go check it out right away. 👍

Never lose any spintax changes ever again

Time for another update. 😃

The improvements that we rolled out this morning will make your life even easier by preventing you from ever losing any of your unsaved progress.

Some of our users like to manually tweak the actual article spintax inside Step 3 that's then used to generate hundreds of unique articles for them.

So we've made sure that when there are unsaved changes present in the article spintax in Step 3, you can no longer accidentally navigate away from Step 3 without being asked if you want to save those changes first.

This has the potential to save you a big headache in the future — and that's always a good thing. 👍

Spin Rewriter vs. Chimp Rewriter

After our recent blog posts comparing Spin Rewriter to a few of our competitors, it's become obvious that you guys absolutely love content like this.

So we're definitely not stopping here! 💪

Today we have yet another comparison for you, and this time we're asking:

"How does Spin Rewriter compare to Chimp Rewriter?"

After a lot of research, here's our detailed comparison of Spin Rewriter vs. Chimp Rewriter:

Spin Rewriter versus Chimp Rewriter

This comparison shows you exactly how Spin Rewriter and Chimp Rewriter compare when it comes to generating high quality, unique content...

Once again we'll be comparing Spin Rewriter and Chimp Rewriter in terms of:

✅ yearly pricing
✅ lifetime pricing
✅ spinning features
✅ API requests available
✅ side-by-side comparison
✅ user experience
✅ mobile/desktop device support
✅ customer support
and more...

And finally, we'll try to place both Spin Rewriter and Chimp Rewriter on a scale from a chimpanzee to William Shakespeare when it comes to writing high quality content for your SEO needs.

Enjoy this latest head-to-head comparison! 👍

Improved auto-save in Step 1

Another week, another update. 👍

We just rolled out an improved "Auto-Save" feature in Step 1, with a completely revamped change-detection logic and a new, extremely user-friendly indicator.

So when you're entering your original article into Spin Rewriter in Step 1, you don't have to worry — at all! — about losing any of your progress. Ever.

As soon as you make some changes to your original article in Step 1, our code will detect this and auto-save your progress while displaying a lovely auto-save indicator in the bottom left corner of the editing area.

This way you will never lose any your work... and you can always return to your unfinished articles at a later time if necessary.

Go give this new feature a try right now — it's fun! 😃

New API library: JavaScript

Today we're bringing even more good news for our fellow programmers! 🤓

You might already know that Spin Rewriter offers a very robust API in addition to our polished web interface.

Our API lets 3rd party product owners integrate Spin Rewriter's ENL Semantic Spinning technology directly into their own software products. And of course it's on us to make the Spin Rewriter API as easy to integrate as possible.

Which brings me to the latest bit of great news. 😃

We have recently rolled out a brand-new JavaScript SDK library, along with working code samples that will have all 3rd party JavaScript developers up and running in no time.

You can also install the Spin Rewriter API package through npm (package installer for JavaScript). 👍

So, if you're a developer who's looking to integrate Spin Rewriter straight into your own tools, simply hop over to our updated API Code Samples page where you'll find our newest JavaScript SDK, along with PHP, Python, C# and other working code samples that will make your integration a breeze.

We think you're going to love this latest API library. 😃

Spin Rewriter vs. TheBestSpinner

Wow, we received a lot of amazing feedback about our recent blog post where we compared Spin Rewriter to one of our competitors — you guys seemed to have loved that. ❤️

So here we go, with another comparison. This time we're asking:
"How does Spin Rewriter compare to TheBestSpinner?"

We've done our research and made it easier than ever for you to compare Spin Rewriter vs. TheBestSpinner:

Spin Rewriter versus TheBestSpinner

Check out our drill-down into both products here to compare the unique benefits and drawbacks of each article spinner...

You know how they say "nomen est omen" — or "the name speaks for itself." Well, despite TheBestSpinner's boastful name, we think it's best to read this detailed comparison and make an informed decision for yourself.

We loved putting this latest comparison together — enjoy! 👍

Spin Rewriter vs. WordAi

There's one particular question that we get asked quite often. It mostly comes from people who are looking for the very best article spinner in the market.

Here's the question:
"How does Spin Rewriter compare to WordAi?"

It's definitely a fair question — and one that deserves a well thought-out, detailed answer. So that's exactly what we did.

We've made it super easy for you to compare Spin Rewriter vs. WordAi:

Spin Rewriter versus WordAi

Our comparison gives you a detailed look at how Spin Rewriter and WordAi compare, and lets you discover the unique benefits of each spinner...

In our comparison, you'll see how Spin Rewriter and WordAi compare in terms of:

✅ yearly pricing
✅ lifetime pricing
✅ free trial availability
✅ spinning features
✅ user experience
✅ customer support
and more...

And of course — if you still have any questions whatsoever, simply get in touch with us and we will gladly help you pick the best option for you. 👍

Enjoy the comparison! 😃

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