Delete multiple articles with one click

Some of our users mentioned that they would love to have the option of deleting multiple spun articles from their Archive with a single click, instead of manually deleting articles one by one.

As always, we've listened - and with Spin Rewriter's next update you'll be able to remove spun articles from your Archive in bulk. 😃

Bulk Rewrites now even more powerful

As you probably know, Spin Rewriter allows you to rewrite multiple articles with a single click.

With the upcomin update, Spin Rewriter is going to be even more powerful when it comes to this:
  • you'll still be able to manually enter multiple articles
  • you'll be able to upload a number of text files that contain your articles
  • you'll be able to upload ZIP files of entire directories that contain your articles
All of this is going to take bulk-spinning to the next level! 😃

Spin Rewriter is getting a redesign

Spin Rewriter will soon receive its first relatively major redesign.

We'll be rolling it out in 2 weeks or so, and it will both simplify the existing user interface AND bring a ton of new amazing features.

We're quite excited - how about you? 😃

I just posted a cool SEO guide ;)

I decided to write down a couple of cool SEO tips & tricks that have helped me tremendously in the past - and I'm quite certain that they will help you too! 😃

You can see the SEO guide here, free of charge - it's my gift to the marketing community: 😃

Enjoy! 😃

Weights of all synonyms have been recalibrated

Spin Rewriter comes with 3 settings when you're running the One-Click Rewrite process - it can either suggest as many synonyms as possible, it can suggest only those synonyms that it's quite confident about, or it can take no risks and suggest just a small number of most reliable synonyms to make sure all spun articles are 100% readable.

Well, we have just recalibrated all "weights" that Spin Rewriter uses to make these informed decisions - and it's only going to be better at its job from now on! 😃

Definitions of new meanings were added

As you probably know, Spin Rewriter is constantly learning new useful things from its users. Sometimes it learns about new useful synonyms for existing words in its database - and sometimes it learns about new meanings that it hasn't even known before. For instance, when iPhone came out, it had to learn that it even existed - it had to add the word "iPhone" to its database.

Well, we've just manually added descriptions of all these new meanings - this will make the spinning process even easier for you, our users.

Have fun with it! 😃

Our API now supports even non-HTML tags

While this isn't something that the majority of our users will find interesting, it will certainly be very helpful for those of you who are using Spin Rewriter through WP Robot.

Spin Rewriter's API now not only supports HTML tags - it works well with other types of tags as well. For example, tags like "Some text [wpramaprice asin="0123456789012345"] even more text" are now processed correctly and no longer break your original text. So - spin away! 😃

Another inspection of the learning process

We just finished another revision of Spin Rewriter's learning process and we're quite happy with the results.

Spin Rewriter seems to be learning useful new things from its huge user-base at an ever-increasing pace. More high quality synonyms are offered to our users for a larger number of original words than ever.

We have, of course, introduced some manual fixes to the growing database of synonyms as well - and this has made Spin Rewriter better than ever.

Give it a try! 😃

Spin Rewriter API now supports HTML as well

We have just "transplanted" the new algorithms over to the official Spin Rewriter API, and we're excited to announce that Spin Rewriter's API now comes with full HTML support as well.

This is extremely useful if you're spinning contents of websites, i.e. blog posts of your Word Press powered blog.

With this in mind, we're already almost done with the integration of Spin Rewriter into the well-known much-loved WP Robot. Stay tuned! 😃

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