We've improved the Archive functionality

We've just rolled out a new update that makes the Archive even more handy and usable.

You can now select multiple articles at the same time (e.g. if you want to delete them from your archive) with a single click of the "master checkbox". Of course you can still manually select just a specific subset of all your articles, OR deal with them one-by-one.

Check out the new feature over at Spin Rewriter. 😃

We're manually reviewing the synonyms in bulk...

Exciting news!

As you know, Spin Rewriter is constantly learnings new synoynms and new use-cases from its tens of thousands of users (yes, that's you guys!).

Usually it's very good at determining just how helpful these new synonyms are, and usually it can sort them into all the correct folders. For example, usually it can say "oh, this is a proper noun, in singular form... and this right here, it's a lovely verb, in past perfect tense, let's put it here."

But sometimes — gasp! — our machine learning algorithm can miss the mark and sort something into the wrong folder. After all, it's only human. Hmmm, no, wait... that doesn't make any sense. 😃

Anyway, we're always closely monitoring the machine learning aspect of Spin Rewriter, and we're super happy to say that the database of synonyms has never been bigger & better than it is right now.

But this November (just a couple of weeks after celebrating Spin Rewriter's 4th birthday!) we've also decided to invest literally thousands of man-hours into manually going over each and every synonym in the database to make sure they've all been entered and processed correctly. And this is only going to make Spin Rewriter even better!


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Why are we publishing all these updates?
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