Silicon Valley updates

Given the fact that we're currently staying in the infamous Silicon Valley, we can't help but develop new parts and improve existing parts of our software. There seems to be something mystical in the air of the Silicon Valley, because all programming code seems to be working on the first try which - as my fellow programmers will know - usually does not happen. 😃

We have improved various tiny parts of both our front-end (i.e. user interface that you're dealing with on a daily basis), and our back-end (i.e. algorithms that make Spin Rewriter amazing and keep on making it even better).

We'll keep you posted as the development continues ... 😃

New learning algorithms - hard at work!

You probably noticed that a lot of these blog updates deal with learning algorithms that are making sure Spin Rewriter constantly learns new things and only gets better and better.

Well, the changes we introduced a week ago (on October 17th) after a super-careful inspection of the results of our learning algorithms up to that point are already paying off. We just spent another huge pile of time examining Spin Rewriter's "Learning Activity" logs, and the results are now more than promising. At this rate of learning, Spin Rewriter might just blow your mind with its capabilities within just a couple of months. 😃

We can't wait to see what the future holds! 😃

This time *we* are learning new stuff

It's not always just Spin Rewriter that does the learning around here ... At the moment practically the whole team is on a business trip to California where we're discovering new things both on the "natural language machine processing" front as well as the "general internet marketing" front. Only this way we can keep on bringing game-changing new products to the market, and make sure our users are more than satisfied.

Even though we're out of the office, we're still doing our very best to ensure that our user support stays more than satisfactory. We'll do everything we can to always respond to all support tickets as quickly as possible - you probably won't even notice that we're out of the office.

So, everybody - have a great time, we're doing quite okay as well. 😃

Learning process further refined

We spent over 40 hours carefully examining Spin Rewriter's "Learning Activity" logs that tell us how you guys are actually using Spin Rewriter to rewrite your articles, how often you use the One-Click Rewrite option, how often you use the "Top" and "All" buttons, what plays a major factor when you're actually selecting the best synonyms, etc. etc.

All of this has enabled us to further tweak the learning algorithms so they will keep on improving Spin Rewriter in the future as well - and they will do so at an even faster rate!

We couldn't be more excited about that - Spin Rewriter just might enter the year 2012 as the only genuinely-intelligent spinning software on the market, and we can't wait to see what the future holds! 😃

It's our Monthiversary!

Today, at noon EST (New York time) Spin Rewriter turned 1.

Not 1 year - 1 month old. 😃

And for something that's only a month old, it sure is smart! 😃

We're absolutely amazed at how well Spin Rewriter has been received by the Internet Marketing community at large. The feedback we've been getting has been amazing and it has inspired us to work super hard to keep on making Spin Rewriter even better every single day.

We'll do our very best to make sure you LOVE Spin Rewriter in the future as well!

— Aaron and the rest of the Team 😃


Name your projects & use HTML links!

Yup, that's right.

From now on all Spin Rewriter users can:
  • pick custom names for their projects (instead of using only automatically generated project titles, based on the original text, to tell their projects apart)
  • place HTML links in their original text and have those links preserved throughout the whole spinning process
  • export thousands of spun articles with HTML links
  • access even better reports of their affiliate earnings inside their Spin Rewriter Affiliate Program control panel
We'll keep on doing our very best to make sure you love our software! 😃

Back-end updates

Another set of Spin Rewriter updates, this time very little has been changed in terms of the actual user interface, however these changes might be even more important:
  • Your articles are now finalized (when you're moving to the final step of the process) 55-65% faster!
  • The database is encrypted and has been further optimized, which means it's even more responsive now.
  • The learning algorithms can now tell even more reliably how much effort and focus each user put into their work ... and only spun articles that were very well-spun by our users are used to teach Spin Rewriter new things.
  • We prepared the theoretical background for preserving HTML links when you spin your articles. You can expect this to be implemented in just a couple of days.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 😃

Learning process further improved, and some other goodies

Some of our users have recently contacted us and told us they felt like the synonyms weren't always sorted from the most suitable ones to the least suitable ones, and that when using One Click Rewrite, some words were replaced with too many synonyms (20+) and some words weren't replaced with any synonyms (even though good ones existed).

We're in fact still in the middle of our super-thorough weekly check of the learning process and while they are some other tweaks to be done, we have already improved 2 important aspects of the learning process. It now puts much more weight on fact whether or not our users actually took their time to check out various synonyms and select / deselect the ones they found good or not good enough.

We've also introduced 2 user interface updates:
  • In the first step you can now disable the paragraph & sentence level spinning. When you selected a piece of text, the paragraph & sentence level spinning interface box always used to pop up, so you couldn't really select a piece of text and copy it some place else. Now you can temporarily disable the spinning interface box, which means you can select pieces of your text without interruptions.
  • You can now add (type in) completely new synonyms in the Fast Mode and still keep on using the keyboard navigation to quickly jump to the next / previous word.

This time we're rolling out 8 new updates

With the mega-ton of feedback that we've been getting, it's quite easy to find new ways of further improving our product.

Here's what we've got in store for you this time:
  • We have updated the Get Started Tutorial, and now it includes more information about Spin Rewriter's new "Fast Mode".
  • You can now quickly deselect all synonyms of the current word! The first time you click the A button, all available synonyms of a particular word are selected. When you click this button for the second time, all synonyms are deactivated.
  • We have bumped the number of generated text files when exporting your projects from 400 to 1,000!
  • You can now edit your finished (spun) articles and save the changes you made.
  • We have fixed the issue with   characters being shown in exported text files. We have also fixed the (very rare) issue where exported text files didn't preserve paragraphs.
  • We made sure that Spin Rewriter fixes the most common spelling mistakes even more robustly than before - "cant" becomes "can't", "wierd" becomes "weird", etc.
  • We have added a number of new answers to the Frequently Asked Questions section of
  • We fixed a couple of other minor issues, so the user experience is even smoother now.
We wish you a lot of business success! 😃

Just another manic Monday ...

... or - "Spin Rewriter gets the FAST REWRITE MODE!"

What does this mean? Well, you should probably just try it out, it's quite amazing. 😃

You can now simply open up the list of suggestions of the first word of your article and click the "detach" button in the top right corner of the interface. The list of suggestions (along with all applicable meanings) will jump to the bottom of your screen, the less important parts of Spin Rewriter will be hidden behind a dim overlay, and the editing area will focus solely on the part of the article you're currently rewriting. Then you can super-quickly jump to the next word with the "Shift+S" keyboard shortcut, or return to the previous one with the "Shift+A" keyboard shortcut.

All this time (while you're selecting appropriate synonyms, adding new ones, and using the "T" and "A" butons that do practically all the work for you) the list of suggestions stays at the same exact place, and you're just jumping to the next word or phrase as quickly as possible. With this approach you can create a top quality rewrite of your article in just a couple of minutes!

Hope you like it! 😃

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