We OPTIMIZED our servers in a big way

Spin Rewriter has been incredibly popular among Internet Marketers as of late — even more so than it usually is!

This means we've been signing on new users like crazy, and our existing grid of powerful servers started to take a significant hit with all the spinning requests coming in all of the time... At the moment our servers need to process more than one spinning request per second, or over 85,000 spinning requests every single day.

That's 85,000 new articles every day... that need to be processed on a word and phrase basis, to determine the exact meaning of every word and phrase among a multitude of different options... and then all those meanings need to have synonyms assigned based on the context of the article... and this is maybe 20% of what's actually going on in the background before we can reliably deliver top-quality spun articles to our users.

As you can imagine, even a grid of powerful servers will start to lose the battle when faced with such a huge workload... unless these servers and the software they are running is optimized to the fullest!

Our entire tech team has been working crazy hard for more than 2 weeks now, fine-tuning all of our servers and all of our back-end code... and it makes me extremely happy to say we were able to bring down our average server load a whopping 46% percent while we reduced the average size of Spin Rewriter's database a further 27%.

Our servers are now happily serving all the incoming spinning requests without as much as breaking a sweat. Hooray! 😃

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