Great Promo Materials for our Affiliates!

We have just updated (again!) the Affiliate Program section of the Spin Rewriter website. 😃

Take a look to find 8 great email templates for solo mailings, two 5-day email templates for a series of 3 mailings, improved banners, and ...

... a special BUMP in affiliate commissions for the launch of Spin Rewriter 3.0.

December 6th is very — VERY — near! 😃

"Replace All" functionality improved

We have just updated the "Replace All" functionality that's been available since Spin Rewriter 2.0.

You can now pull up a list of synonyms of any given word or phrase by double-clicking (or selecting) it, and easily select the synonyms you want to use with all occurrences of that word or phrase. It will then either add or remove active synonyms of all words that convey the exact same meaning in your text.

This is one of about 35-40 updates that will be released with Spin Rewriter 3.0 on December 6th, so — stay tuned! 😃

More new features...

We've already published 2 lists of great new features that will find their place in Spin Rewriter 3.0 ...

Here's a couple more:
  • word count of each generated unique variation of your text
  • character count as well
  • faster bulk rewrites
Stay tuned, December 6th is almost here! 😃

Spin Rewriter 3.0 -- SOON! :D

That's right! 😃

We waited for quite a bit before we decided to announce it, but now the time is ripe ... 😃

We'll be releasing Spin Rewriter 3.0 on December 6th! 😃

It's going to bring a ton of crazy new stuff ....... we'll let you know more about it in following days.

All the best, A. 😃

Updates, updates ;)

We just concluded another meeting re: new Spin Rewriter features, and I'm really excited to give you another list of cool stuff that is about to happen:
  • automatic preservation of capitalized words (improved!)
  • full-screen mode
  • better user interface that points out phrase-, sentence- and paragraph-level rewrites
And this is just a tiny sample of what's to come ... Could we be working on something BIG? 😃

Spin Rewriter getting even smarter

We'll be introducing even more cool features very shortly ...

To name just a few, Spin Rewriter will get:
  • the option to automatically protect anchor text of your links (if you so desire)
  • Copyscape support
  • better titles for your articles that are spun in bulk (multiple articles at the same time)
  • ...
Stay tuned! 😃

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