Spin Writer or Spin Rewriter?

As I've mentioned once before, it seems like a lot of our users out there are hoping that we would shorten our name a little... 😃

So, long story short: Spin Rewriter has always been called Spin Rewriter — why? Because it does spinning and rewriting, and those two words are practically synonyms — which is what Spin Rewriter is all about!

In a way you could imagine it being called { Spinner | Rewriter } or { Spin | Rewrite } ... Unfortunately domain names don't allow these curly bracket thingies, so we decided to go with Spin Rewriter. And we still think it's a somewhat clever name, hahahaha 😃

Anyway, a lot of our users are calling the product "Spin Writer" instead. I know, I know, that extra "re" is a real pain in the *** to type. And that's perfectly fine — we just want you to end up on the correct website either way! Which is why we bought the SpinWriter.com domain name roughly 2 years ago, and made sure that it redirects everyone straight to the actual SpinRewriter.com website.

And even though the alternative domain name didn't come with a particularly low price tag (at all), it seems like it's been worth it! There's definitely less confusion now, plus we've already helped more than 21,000 people find the correct website simply by redirecting them. Hooray! 😃


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