Streamlined remote publishing to WordPress

As you probably already know, Spin Rewriter comes with an awesome WordPress integration. Among other things, our users are able to quickly send new spun posts directly to their WordPress websites and publish those posts (remotely, from right within their Spin Rewriter account) with a single click.

We've now streamlined this process even further. One user-experience challenge that we were facing was, how to automatically determine the best possible title for each freshly generated WordPress post. We've now settled on the following:

Imagine our user (let's call her Catherine) has just finished spinning an article within her Spin Rewriter account, and she's ready to publish it remotely to her WordPress website with a single click. Her article looks like this:

"Learn to Play Electric Guitar - and Become a Rock God!

It's not too difficult to learn your first couple of songs on a guitar. Here's what you need to do: (rest of the article)"

Our WordPress integration will now automatically determine that "Learn to Play Electric Guitar - and Become a Rock God!" can be used as an awesome post title, and the rest of Catherine's article will be used as the post body. Which is perfect.

However, imagine if Catherine's freshly spun article didn't come with such a clear-cut candidate for a good title. In that case, Spin Rewriter will now do its "semantic-analysis" magic and determine another great title that can be used for her WordPress post. And if it's not able to simply use the first paragraph as the title, it will of course include the entire spun article as the post body so nothing gets lost.

Give the new & improved WP integration a try today, at! 😃

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