Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions About Our Free Trial, Pricing, Subscriptions

Does Spin Rewriter come with a Free Trial?
Yes, we're offering a 5-Day Free Trial at the moment. This way you can try Spin Rewriter for free and see if it makes your life easier. We're confident that you're going to love it — after all, we're a big family with 181,394 members who absolutely love Spin Rewriter.
How do I cancel my Free Trial or my subscription?
You can easily cancel your access at any time, without having to contact us. You can cancel your current plan with a click on the "My Account" page inside your Spin Rewriter account, or directly from your PayPal account — here are the simple instructions.
Can I skip the Free Trial and pay right away?
Yes — you can simply create a free account and then click here to start the Yearly Plan without the 5-Day Free Trial.
Why would anyone want this? By skipping the Free Trial, you can use the same PayPal account to pay for access on multiple Spin Rewriter accounts. Some business customers also prefer to pay right away so they can file the invoice as a business expense without a 5-day wait.
How do I change my plan from Monthly to Yearly?
If you wish to upgrade your monthly subscription to a yearly one, you will have to cancel your existing monthly subscription first. You can do this with a click on the "My Account" page inside your Spin Rewriter account, or from your PayPal account. So, in order to switch to a yearly plan, please cancel your monthly plan first and then sign up for a new yearly plan.
Will my subscription renew at the same price that I signed up with?
Yes, of course. We guarantee that when your subscription renews, you will always get the same amazing price that you locked in when you signed up.
As a registered user, do I get all Spin Rewriter updates for free?
Yes. Spin Rewriter is powered by an online interface so it effectively "lives in the Cloud". This means that we're always able to keep it fully up-to-date for all of our users. This also means that you never have to wait for your updates to load and install. It just works — and the latest and greatest version of Spin Rewriter is always available to our users.
Can I change the email address I'm using with Spin Rewriter?
Yes, you can. Once logged in, go to "My Account" and then "Settings" where you will see the option to change the email address of your Spin Rewriter account. We'll send a verification link to your new (requested) email address. Clicking that link will switch your Spin Rewriter account over to the new email address.

Spin Rewriter's Benefits and Features

Can I see a hands-on video of how Spin Rewriter works?
Absolutely! We've got a lovely 9-Minute Demo Video that walks you through almost all of the most powerful Spin Rewriter features — from the most basic ones to the more advanced ones that take your unique content creation to the next level.
Does Spin Rewriter work differently than other article rewriters?
Yes, there is one hugely important difference. Spin Rewriter doesn't produce unique articles by checking the original article word-for-word and naively suggesting synonyms. Instead it uses our proprietary ENL Semantic Spinning technology to perform a thorough analysis of your article in order to actually understand the meaning of your text. Then it uses its unique understanding of the actual relationship between each word and phrase inside your article, along with a hand-curated database of synonyms, in order to produce high-quality and extremely readable spun versions of your original article. If you want, you can also fully automate this process with our famous One Click Rewrite button — and Spin Rewriter will automatically produce great results for you.
How does Spin Rewriter compare to other popular article spinners?
Well, favorably — of course! 😃 While there are some decent article spinning products available on the market, our 181,394 users agree that Spin Rewriter is — by far — the best one. Of course we have also thoroughly reviewed most of the competing products ourselves, to make the choice easier for you:
Does Spin Rewriter support paragraph level spinning?
Yes, it does. You can rewrite your articles on all levels: paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level. To rewrite your article on paragraph and sentence level, you simply highlight various sentences and paragraphs. Our system will help you add alternative variations of paragraphs and sentences while making sure that you're always using the correct spintax.
Can Spin Rewriter change the structure of sentences?
Yes — this is one of our most unique and important features! Spin Rewriter is completely unique in terms of understanding the actual relationship between the individual words of your original article. It extracts not just the exact meaning of each word, but also the role each word plays in a sentence (subject, object, adverb, ...) and how each word forms meaning in the context of other words. With this knowledge, Spin Rewriter can completely change the entire structure of most sentences in your article, and still keep all spun variations perfectly readable.
Does Spin Rewriter support different spintax formats?
Of course. You can use your spun articles with every internet marketing and SEO software product on the market. Spin Rewriter supports all popular spintax formats from the default {first option|second option} to the [spin]first option|second option[/spin] and even {#SPIN: first option || second option #}. When you're done spinning your article, simply select your preferred spintax format and take full advantage of your unlimited content.
Are my finished articles safe with Spin Rewriter?
This is yet another feature where we've decided to go the extra mile for you. All of your articles are safely encrypted in our database and nobody can access them without knowing your login credentials, i.e. your email address and your password. This means that no one besides you can view your finished articles — not even our database administrators!
Can Spin Rewriter be integrated with other SEO software?
Yes! You can use Spin Rewriter's immense article spinning power with other SEO software products on the market. Almost all SEO software products that deal with unique content or link building come with a great Spin Rewriter integration right out of the box. This integration allows you to spin your articles using our technology without ever leaving the software you're currently working with. This is only possible because we've made it extremely easy for other software developers to integrate Spin Rewriter's technology directly into their software to make the combination even more powerful.
Does Spin Rewriter come with an API?
Absolutely! We are offering a great API (application programming interface) that makes it extremely easy for software developers to integrate our ENL Semantic Spinning technology directly into their own software products. We provide more information about the API, developer documentation and working code samples right here: Spin Rewriter - API Documentation.
Does Spin Rewriter support any other languages than English?
Unfortunately Spin Rewriter only supports English at the moment. It took thousands of hours of hard work by 3 separate teams of highly skilled engineers and researchers to encapsulate the English language into a form that's usable for intelligent rewriting software. We honestly don't think Spin Rewriter will support any other languages in the near future.

How to use Spin Rewriter

How difficult is it to use Spin Rewriter?
We've been receiving amazing feedback from our users for the past 10 years and we've worked tirelessly to make Spin Rewriter as intuitive as possible. We've also worked with world-class user interface and UX designers to further polish the experience and make Spin Rewriter delightful to use. We're confident that you will find Spin Rewriter incredibly easy to use. What's more, we've prepared the Spin Rewriter "Get Started" Video Tutorial that will get you up and running in under 10 minutes. You can also check out the detailed written tutorial that will tell you absolutely everything you need to know.
Are there any detailed video tutorials available to get me started?
Absolutely! We want to make sure that you're using the power of Spin Rewriter to its full potential — so we've also recorded a comprehensive series of detailed video tutorials on individual features of Spin Rewriter.
How do I select synonyms for a particular word or phrase?
When you get to Step 2 of the spinning process, you will see that most of the words are colored in blue — this means that we've prepared a list of synonyms for them. Some of the phrases will be underlined — which means Spin Rewriter has found synonyms for those phrases as well. Then you can simply click on individual words and phrases to reveal a list of synonyms, ordered by their quality and relevance. There's also handy , and buttons that let you quickly select the "top" synonyms, "all" synonyms, and apply selected synonyms of a word to all instances of that word in your entire article.
How can I remove a synonym?
Once you click one of your original words, the synonym suggestion box will pop up. Currently selected synoyms are displayed in bold letters along with a check mark, while inactive synonyms are displayed in a regular font. To activate (select) or deactivate (remove) any of the synonyms, simply click on them inside the suggestion box.
How can I quickly select a group of great synonyms?
You can use the button in Step 2 to quickly select all reliable (top) synonyms of the currently selected word or phrase. You can also use the button to quickly select all available synonyms for a particular word or phrase.
How can I quickly remove all synonyms of a word?
If you currently have "top" or "all" synonyms selected, simply click on the button next to other Quick Buttons. This will reset your list of synonyms and instantly remove all currently selected synonyms.
How can I quickly apply the same synonyms to all occurrences of a particluar word?
Clicking the button will quickly apply the synonyms that you've selected for the current word to every single occurrence of the current meaning (word or phrase) in the entire article.
Can I protect keywords and key phrases during the One Click Rewrite process?
Of course. Once you're in Step 2, simply click the "Settings" button to reveal the "Protected Keywords" option. This is where you can enter the keywords and key phrases that you want to protect. This means Spin Rewriter is not going to change these words during the One Click Rewrite process.
Does Spin Rewriter come with keyboard navigation for power-users?
Yes, it sure does. When you're rewriting your article, you can quickly jump to the previous word or phrase by pressing the left arrow key and you can jump to the next word or phrase by pressing the right arrow key on your keyboard. If you prefer not to use arrow keys for navigation, you can also use Shift+A and Shift+S keyboard shortcuts to jump from one word to another. Using the keyboard shortcuts will make your rewriting process extremely efficient — but of course not as efficient as taking a shortcut and using the One Click Rewrite option.

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