Spin Rewriter is getting a cleaner user interface

In a week or two, we'll be rolling out an even cleaner user interface this means you'll be able to do your daily spinning even faster, and even more effortlessly.

This interface update will also come with larger, friendlier, easier-to-read fonts.

Our in-house tests are looking very VERY promising, and I'm sure you're going to love the update. 😃

Article Spinning: The Future

I've probably come across the question of "the future of article spinning" at least a 1,000 times. I see it in Spin Rewriter's support emails. I see it on many forums as well. And, I was discussing it with some of the top internet marketers on the Online Underground Seminar in Washington.

What do I think about it? Since I have been in the very narrow business of article spinning for almost 3 years now, I have some predictions. But before we discuss the future, let's take a look at the past.

How Was Article Spinning First "Invented"?

Article spinning was born because of the content needs of online marketers. At that time (before all the important Google updates), quantity was king. If you were able to produce more content than your competitor, you had nothing to worry about. And because of the well-known Google "duplicate content" filters, your content needed to look unique.

This wasn't hard at all you simply replaced some words with synonyms and you were done. When the first auto spinners came on the market, their job was not to produce high quality content. Vice versa they had to produce A LOT of content that looked unique to the mighty Google's eyes. At that time, Google didn't really have any "quality content" filters, so as long as your content was "unique", that was good enough for them ... and in turn, for you!

Google Algorithm Changes

Eventually, Google started recognizing such content (it wasn't that hard at all, since there were many versions of these articles available online) and started marking it as "duplicate content". So, internet marketers had to begin spinning content on different levels they moved from word-level spinning to sentence-level and paragraph-level spinning. At that point, Google once again wasn't able to recognize this type of spun content as duplicate anymore (i.e. this content looked unique to them), but their algorithms developed in a way that Google was now able to recognize it as low quality content.

Simply said, Google considered well spun content unique, but Google also knew that that content is of low quality largely, this content was completely unreadable. And so, this content lost a lot of value which certainly wasn't the best news for internet marketers.

Spin Rewriter - The Game Changer

Then ... there came Spin Rewriter. I created it with the intention of helping internet marketers all across the globe get more content. And I knew that the content doesn't only need to be unique it has to be of high quality as well! My only realistic option was to make an algorithm that is able to understand the meaning of every word and then only use the most appropriate synonyms for each word. However, word-level spinning was (of course) not quite enough we needed to spin articles on the sentence and paragraph level as well. And, in the most recent version of Spin Rewriter, we also added the ground-breaking options for sentence manipulation, a special option that changes the entire structure of sentences.

And the future?

So, now that we can see a rough sketch of the past, the future probably looks extremely clear. What can we expect?

There is a pretty obvious trend that moves webmaster's work from quantity to quality. One quality backlink is worth more than 100 low quality ones. So, it's better to spend your money (and time) on quality links.

In the future, high quality content will outrank low quality content. Even more, low quality content will slowly and surely lose all of its value. So, article spinners that produce low quality content will become (even more) useless.

So, articles spinners need to adjust. I can confidently say that Spin Rewriter is already producing the highest quality content among all article spinners currently available. And we are constantly working to make it even better!

In the future, we will most likely start to generate less articles from one original article because we will need to make sure the generated articles are of the highest quality on the one hand, and we'll also need to make sure the generated articles are as different from each other and from the original article as possible on the other hand! To accomplish this, we will also need to find some other completely new! levels of spinning as well. I already have a coupe of really powerful approaches in my head ... just wait until you see the next version of Spin Rewriter. 😃

Will Google Stop With The Updates?

Of course not! Google knows that their search results could be better and they need to constantly tweak their algorithm to improve them. And we appreciate that, because we HATE spammers. So, our goal is to produce spun content that genuinely adds value. Spun content that is well readable and delivers a clear message to the end user. Because of this, we are happy (!) to watch all the new algorithm updates as they roll in!

A Short Conclusion...

So, article spinning is going to help webmasters in the future as well. Quality will finally beat quantity and, in order to keep up with future Google's algorithm changes, spinning tools will need to deliver high quality, well readable and highly unique content that actually delivers value to its readers, i.e. internet users.

I am happy to say that there is a piece of great news here Spin Rewriter meets Google standards now, and it's going to meet them in the future as well. You have my word on that.

And, as always if you have any suggestions on how to further improve Spin Rewriter, please send an email to my support department. We take all your ideas very seriously. 😃


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