Huh, 2020 is almost over...

As this weird and sometimes painful year draws to a close, it seems like the perfect time to look ahead with new optimism for what's ahead.

And what better time to do this than the holiday season? 🎄

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you're going to find a lot of joy and happiness in these remaining days of a very strange year that we'll all remember for the rest of our lives.

I hope you've already started to unwind, that the hustle and bustle is starting to slow down a bit, and that you get to spend the holidays in good health and surrounded by your family and friends.

And here's to hoping that we all enter 2021 with recharged batteries so that we can make the most of what is hopefully a much, much, MUCH better year!

Happy Holidays to everyone from our entire team! 🎅

Tutorial: How to rewrite an article from start to finish

Another day, another awesome video tutorial! 📹

If you ever wondered about the best possible approach to spinning articles with Spin Rewriter, then today's video tutorial is definitely for you.

This tutorial will take you across the entire process of spinning an article — from entering the article in Step 1, selecting synonyms for words and phrases (either manually or through our famous One Click Rewrite option) in Step 2, to enriching and exporting hundreds of unique articles in Step 3.

How to spin an article with Spin Rewriter from start to finish:

Watch this video and you'll discover how easy it is to put the incredible power of ENL Semantic Spinning to good use.

You can also check out the entire collection of video tutorials here... Enjoy!

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