We've noticed that Spin Rewriter picked up a few bad habits over the last couple of months. While the large majority of things that it's learned from its users have been great, there were also some quirks introduced into its system by users that may not be perfectly fluent in English. With this in mind we have developed a new sub-system that filters user feedback even more, and only learns from what are top quality suggestions.

This means that from now on there'll be no more weird definitions for various meanings, misspelled synonyms (we're still working on the issue with the plural form of some synonyms), synonyms that start with an uppercase letter even though they shouldn't, etc.

This update is going to be included with Spin Rewriter's first "Major Update" that's going to happen on Friday, January 27th. We're really excited about it. 😃

Published on: January 17th, 2012

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