Over the last couple of months of closely inspecting everything that's going on with Spin Rewriter, we've noticed a phenomenon that should most certainly be taken care of. It's probably best if I simply give an example of the issue here, and you'll see why it's an important one.

Say you have a certain word (meaning) that comes with 30 synonyms. Usually at least some of these synonyms are not good enough, or not general enough, to be seriously considered, but you're still left with 15 good synonyms and 2 great ones. Well, Spin Rewriter users tend to quickly select only the top 2-4 synonym on average, and even though there's 10 more good synonyms available, those synonyms are usually never selected! Spin Rewriter sees that these synonyms are never selected and thinks "well, they must be no good then" and simply stops suggesting them, and certainly doesn't include them when it's doing a One-Click Rewrite of your articles.

That's a bit, well, unfair to those synonyms. That's why we designed a system that will sporadically bump up some of those forgotten synonyms so they'll appear immediately below the top ones when you're picking your synonyms. This way you might notice them and select them, and Spin Rewriter will know that those synonyms are, in fact, good as well.

There's quite a bit of magic involved in all of this, but we're certain we're going to see some absolutely great results with this new approach. This update will be rolled out on Friday, with our Major Update! 😃

Stay tuned! 😃

Published on: January 23rd, 2012

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