We added definitions to various meanings that were suggest by our users

As I'm sure you know, Spin Rewriter is always learning. When a large enough number of its users suggest a new meaning for a word or a phrase, this new meaning is automatically added to our primary database, however it doesn't come with a definition - only with its very own list of synonyms. Every now and then we take the time to process these new meanings and link them with the correct explanations and definitions, and we've just done that.

Right now all suggestions that Spin Rewriter might throw your way come with definitions and explanations. 😃

Another manual review of the Learning Process

We just invested God-knows-how-many hours in yet another manual review of the Learning Process. You probably already know that Spin Rewriter is constantly learning from its users, and it uses this feedback to only get better and better as time goes by.

Unfortunately, no automated process is perfect and Spin Rewriter's learning algorithms need some manual supervision from time to time. That's why we organize regular manual reviews of the results of the learning process.

This time we improved over 80 aspects of our database of various meanings and synonyms, and certainly made Spin Rewriter even better. And there's more to come! 😃

A tricky not-so-little bug fixed

We've had some reports where our users noticed the word "don't" being converted to "do don't", and the word "haven't" to "have haven't" etc.

These issues were certainly extremely annoying, and they've now been resolved. We're sorry about the inconvenience.

Affiliates can now find even more stats!

Yup, this is our 2nd big update that has to do with our Affiliate Program this month. 😃

Our affiliate partners can now see the exact number of referred leads that actually registered a free account with us (i.e. they entered their email address and their password), the number of registered users that signed up for the Free Trial subscription through PayPal, and the number of referred users that currently have an active subscription with us.

These figures (and a couple of other things) should make it even easier for our partners to drive great traffic to our websites and make lives easier for other Internet Marketers by telling them about Spin Rewriter and our other products. 😃

Your "synonyms only" preferences are now saved automatically

A bunch of users sent us emails this last couple of days, saying how much they loved the new "generate unique variatoins of finalized articles by only using synonyms and none of the original words" function. Its name is certainly not its best part. 😃

With this in mind, we wanted to make it even easier for everyone to use it. Spin Rewriter will now automatically remember your preferences, so you don't have to check or uncheck this option every time.

Stay tuned! 😃

Spun variations may only contain synonyms now

If you're looking for ways to make your spun variations as unique and as different from your original text as possible, you're going to love this new update. 😃

We've added an option to simply select whether you want any of the original terms (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs) present in any of your spun variations. If you decide that you "only want synoynms", none of the original terms will be used when our software is generating unique variations of your text.

You can use this new setting both with the "Generate a unique version of this text" button and the whole array of all "Export" functions. Enjoy! 😃

Uniqueness stats available for spun variations

Spin Rewriter just got another great little feature that should make your life easier.

When you're in Step 3 and you're generating unique variations of your spun text, you'll now know precisely how unique the generated unique variations really are. As soon as you hit the "Generate" button, our system will prepare one of the unique variations of your article and give you the uniqueness percentage (in the 0-100 range, of course).

This way you can know right away whether your variations differ enough from one another - if they don't, you can simply hop back into Step 2 and rewrite your article a bit more thoroughly there. 😃

"Bulk Rewrite" is now adjustable as well :)

We mentioned last week that the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option now comes with a bunch of settings, such as spinning confidence, single-level or multi-level spinning, protected keywords, etc.

Well, we didn't stop there - we added the same settings to the "Bulk Rewrite" option as well. This enables you to enter a bunch of articles, specify your protected keywords and choose the quality of article rewriting, and spin multiple articles with a single click!

What's more, your preferences are always automatically saved and are waiting for you the next time you decide to spin another batch of articles. 😃

"I'm Feeling Lucky" now comes with settings

You asked - we obliged. 😃

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Step 1 of the article rewriting process has now got a companion in the form of a red link, saying "[ settings ]". Click this link, and you'll be able to specify the confidence level that should be used when it comes to spinning your article. You'll also be able to pick single-level or multi-level spinning and enter a list of keywords that should be protected from being replaced with synonyms.

This way you can create even better unique articles with a single click. 😃 😃

API now handles URLs and HTML links perfectly!

Our official Spin Rewriter API has just been updated.

It now supports all kinds of URLs (secure or non-secure, subpages, links to files, etc.) and correctly preserves the original formatting.

It also supports all kinds of HTML links now. In case you were wondering, HTML links are these thingies: <a href="LINK HERE">ANCHOR TEXT HERE</a>

With these changes it's gotten even easier to automatically spin content through our API, for instance directly from your WordPress blog, or from your 3rd-party software app.

Check it out! 😃

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