Some Spin Rewriter updates coming up

We'll be releasing another batch of Spin Rewriter some time very soon. What's to come:
  • One-Click Rewrite will get the option to only do one-level spinning (both through the application and the API)
  • You'll be able to save the Protected Keywords that you're using most often.
  • You'll be able to save the One-Click Rewrite settings that you're using most often.
  • Spin Rewriter will focus on the writing style even more - it will make sure that the exact same words aren't repeated over and over again.
As always, stay tuned! 😃 😃

Spin Rewriter API updated

We just added another action to the official Spin Rewriter API. It's called "unique_variation_from_spintax" and it's a rather useful one.

Say you have a piece of text that already comes with the {first option|second option} spinning syntax. You can pass it to our API with the "unique_variation_from_spintax" action and our server won't do any additional processing at all - it will simply parse the existing spintax and return one of the possible variations. This is extremely helpful when you simply want to create a number of unique variations of text that's already been spun.

All API documentation has already been updated with this new information, as well as all code samples for developers and the actual Spin Rewriter API SDK.

You can find out what's new right here:

Spin Rewriter API documentation

Okay, we just launched the Spin Rewriter API, and we thought - we should get developers on board as effortlessly as possible!

So we prepared a ton of stuff for all of you developers out there, and our efforts should enable you to integrate the Spin Rewriter API into your own apps in 10 minutes or so. Among other things you'll find:
  • A thorough documentation of all API (HTTP POST) requests and API (JSON) responses. This will give you an idea about the inner workings of our API.
  • 100% functioning code samples (in PHP):
    - a script that will get the remaining number (quota) of API calls
    - a script that will spin your article and return the spun text (with spintax in place)
    - a script that will spin your article and return one of the possible unique variations
  • We prepared an actual official Spin Rewriter API SDK (Standard Development Kit) that's also available in PHP. This kit comes with a number of examples, and allows you to spin your articles using the Spin Rewriter API with as little as 3 lines of code. 😃
  • A short "Q&A" section that should provide the answers to the most common questions.
You can find everything over at 😃

We love developers just as much as Steve Ballmer (the Microsoft guy), and we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. Oh, and here's a funny clip of him going just a little bit crazy. 😃

Spin Rewriter API available!

We just launched the much anticipated official Spin Rewriter API!

Why should you care? 😃

As a user, Spin Rewriter API allows you to use the Spin Rewriter spinning technology from within other compatible software products.

This means that you can - for example - spin your articles using our amazing technology directly inside your favorite article distribution software. You never have to load the Spin Rewriter website and interrupt your workflow by spinning your article there, and then pasting the finished (spun) version of your article to your article distribution software. You can use Spin Rewriter directly from compatible desktop software products, online services, WordPress plugins, etc.

As a developer, you can use the amazing Spin Rewriter technology inside your own application or service. Whenever you need to rewrite a block of text, simply send it to our servers and Spin Rewriter will do all the hard work for you. We developed our algorithms - you make the most of them!

Find out more over at 😃

Rewriting on phrase level improved

We just improved the phrase-level rewriting algorithms. Quite drastically, in fact! 😃

Spin Rewriter is now even more accurate when it comes to guessing whether a freshly-built phrase represents a noun, a verb, an adjective, etc. Sure it's easy enough to say that "muscle" is a noun, but when it comes to processing "abdominal muscle", it takes some artificial intelligence to figure out that the whole phrase should still be treated as a noun, even though it comes with an adjective as well.

We also introduced big changes to the One-Click Rewrite algorithms when it comes to dealing with phrases. Before this update, Spin Rewriter mostly focused on single words when performing the One-Click Rewrite operation - now it treats multi-word phrases equally well and isn't afraid to use them when it's confident enough about their actual meaning.

We really think you're gonna love this update in action - check it out now! 😃


Spin Rewriter API up & running, we're almost there!

Yup, that's right!

Spin Rewriter API version 1.0 is up and running, supposedly all functionality has been finished and polished, and it's being stress-tested at the moment.

While we're performing these final tests, we're also writing the documentation for all of you developers out there - this way it will be extremely easy to integrate Spin Rewriter with your apps! We decided to go the extra mile and even provide fully functional code samples, as well as a Spin Rewriter SDK for the most experienced developers (at the beginning all this code will be available in PHP, however the basic principles are the same across all programming languages).

We are realistically expecting experienced developers to be able to fully integrate their app with the Spin Rewriter API in less than 15 minutes. And that's quite a promise, we're sure you agree! 😃

One-Click Rewrite improved

We introduced a couple of new changes to the part of the Spin Rewriter web app that handles the One-Click Rewrite process ...

Now you don't simply get an estimate of the time the One-Click Rewrite process is going to take, you also get an accurate timer that counts down the seconds so you have a better feeling of how far along you actually are at any given moment.

We also made sure that if you cancel the One-Click Rewrite process while it's still being performed on your article, you're able to start a new one right away and your article stays perfectly formatted all this time. And we did our best to make the option to prevent selected keywords and key phrases from getting spun even more prominent and easier to notice.

That's not all we're introducing with this most recent update though ... you know us. 😃 We also made sure that abbreviations such as 're (are) and 've (have) now always stick to the word that precedes them. This wasn't always the case and it caused some confusion in the past. When you replace the 're with something like 'are actually', a new space is added in front of the new synonym so your text stays perfect. Spin Rewriter now also recognized the verb 'have' both when auxiliary (e.g. "I have done something.") and when contracted ("I've no idea.").

Oh, and before I forget - December is here, the most magical month of the year! Have fun! 😃

Spin Rewriter more robust & updated

Today we rolled out a pretty major Spin Rewriter update package, and we wanted to let you know about it. 😃
  • Spin Rewriter is now more robust. Should it happen that our server loses connection to your browser for a couple of seconds, Spin Rewriter will automatically detect that, wait for 15 seconds and re-attempt to do what you wanted in the first place.
  • If you're a bit hurried when you spin your articles on the sentence level and you sometimes introduce multiple periods at the end of random sentences as a result of that, you are going to love this update - it fixes all issues with multiple periods.
  • When you spin the article on sentence level, your new sentences will be trimmed of new-lines at the beginning and at the end before they are inserted into the actual text. This way you don't get unwanted new paragraphs.
  • When you add a completely new phrase as a synonym for an existing phrase, the correct capitalization is preserved.
Aaand we have another update prepared for tomorrow. That's right, tomorrow. 😃

(All the while we're working on our API that will be released some time this week as well ...) 😃

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