New API library: JavaScript

Today we're bringing even more good news for our fellow programmers! 🤓

You might already know that Spin Rewriter offers a very robust API in addition to our polished web interface.

Our API lets 3rd party product owners integrate Spin Rewriter's ENL Semantic Spinning technology directly into their own software products. And of course it's on us to make the Spin Rewriter API as easy to integrate as possible.

Which brings me to the latest bit of great news. 😃

We have recently rolled out a brand-new JavaScript SDK library, along with working code samples that will have all 3rd party JavaScript developers up and running in no time.

You can also install the Spin Rewriter API package through npm (package installer for JavaScript). 👍

So, if you're a developer who's looking to integrate Spin Rewriter straight into your own tools, simply hop over to our updated API Code Samples page where you'll find our newest JavaScript SDK, along with PHP, Python, C# and other working code samples that will make your integration a breeze.

We think you're going to love this latest API library. 😃

Spin Rewriter vs. TheBestSpinner

Wow, we received a lot of amazing feedback about our recent blog post where we compared Spin Rewriter to one of our competitors — you guys seemed to have loved that. ❤️

So here we go, with another comparison. This time we're asking:
"How does Spin Rewriter compare to TheBestSpinner?"

We've done our research and made it easier than ever for you to compare Spin Rewriter vs. TheBestSpinner:

Spin Rewriter versus TheBestSpinner

Check out our drill-down into both products here to compare the unique benefits and drawbacks of each article spinner...

You know how they say "nomen est omen" — or "the name speaks for itself." Well, despite TheBestSpinner's boastful name, we think it's best to read this detailed comparison and make an informed decision for yourself.

We loved putting this latest comparison together — enjoy! 👍

Spin Rewriter vs. WordAi

There's one particular question that we get asked quite often. It mostly comes from people who are looking for the very best article spinner in the market.

Here's the question:
"How does Spin Rewriter compare to WordAi?"

It's definitely a fair question — and one that deserves a well thought-out, detailed answer. So that's exactly what we did.

We've made it super easy for you to compare Spin Rewriter vs. WordAi:

Spin Rewriter versus WordAi

Our comparison gives you a detailed look at how Spin Rewriter and WordAi compare, and lets you discover the unique benefits of each spinner...

In our comparison, you'll see how Spin Rewriter and WordAi compare in terms of:

✅ yearly pricing
✅ lifetime pricing
✅ free trial availability
✅ spinning features
✅ user experience
✅ customer support
and more...

And of course — if you still have any questions whatsoever, simply get in touch with us and we will gladly help you pick the best option for you. 👍

Enjoy the comparison! 😃

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