5 Most Popular Article Spinning MYTHS

Two weeks ago, I was doing a webinar for Chris Munch's subscribers. It was an interesting experience it turned out that 50% of all webinar participants were already using Spin Rewriter. They asked me many questions about article spinning, about my spinning methods and of course my future plans for Spin Rewriter.

Some questions were especially interesting mostly because I mistakenly believed that people already knew the answers. It turned out that this was not the case, at all. These questions were referring to some of the well known "article spinning myths", which I again, mistakenly! thought were no longer discussed. I would like to present these 5 most popular article spinning myths to you as well.

Myth #1: Spun content isn't readable

Our first myth saying that spun content isn't readable is as old as article spinning itself. In the "old times" this was actually very true; mostly because all article spinners that were available only had a list of synonyms for every individual word and they used those synonyms regardless of the real (actual!) meaning of the word being used. With modern spinners (such as Spin Rewriter), this is not the case anymore. Modern spinners are able to recognize the meaning of every single word and use only those synonyms that are actually appropriate and make sense. This way, your articles stay perfectly readable.

First myth: BUSTED!

Myth #2: If you're using spun content, Google will penalize your site

The 2nd myth is tightly connected to the first one. The theory behind it is very simple: Google's algorithm is much more advanced than the algorithm of any article spinner. So, if an article spinner can change the words of the article, Google is somehow able to detect that only some words have been changed but we are still talking about the same old article.

When Google detects that, it will penalize your site because your content is actually "duplicate".

Much like with the first myth, it all comes down to the quality of spinning. Primitive article spinners will only change some words, which can in fact be simply recognized by Google and other search engines. However, modern article spinners are able to do so much more than just replace some of the words with generic synonyms they can completely turn the sentences around, write new & different sentences, change paragraphs, add additional paragraphs and so on. When you combine this with the actual spinning on the word level (i.e. changing individual words), the resulting article is completely 100% different. There is absolutely no way for Google to know that this article had been spun by "reverse engineering" it.

Second myth - BUSTED!

Myth #3: People who use article spinners are spammers

Now, this myth is especially fun there are some people who see marketers that are using spun content to improve their SEO as spammers. Because they distribute "low quality" content all around, just to get some backlinks.

My response: Oh please! First off, only really foolish (or really smart) marketers use low quality content for SEO. Smart marketers are aware of the fact that they need to spread high quality content, otherwise Google will remove it from its index and it will lose all its value.

Secondly, modern spinners are producing high quality content - no "harm to the internet" is done if this content is distributed around. The produced & published content is well-readable and it adds value much like every other piece of high quality content online.

Third myth - BUSTED!

Myth #4: Manual spinning is "safe"

This question was really surprising for me probably the most of them all! Some marketers asked me if it was safer for them to manually spin the articles instead of spinning them automatically.

Well, to put it this way: at this point in time, manual spinning is an absolute waste of time. We all know that. But, here is another question if you had unlimited time, would it be wise to spend it on article spinning? Remember, we're talking unlimited time here.

Still, the answer to the question of "is it wise to spin your articles manually" is a resounding "No, definitely not!"

Modern article spinners are very sophisticated they spin articles on many different levels. They change the individual words, they change entire phrases, they change sentences and paragraphs; heck, they also write additional paragraphs. What's more, they take advantage of nested spinning (spinning individual words inside phrases) as well. Doing all of this manually doesn't just take a lot of time, but it is really really really hard. You need to start with the paragraphs write different variations of each paragraph. Then, you can continue with sentences ... then phrases ... then words, ... At this point, the question becomes: do you really have that many synonyms and different variations that you can use in your head?

So, the reality is that manual spinning is not only extremely time consuming, it can also be dangerous. There are some things computers just do better than people and thanks to the recent progress in the "natural language processing" technology article spinning has become one of them. We should all be thankful for that!

Fourth myth - BUSTED!

Myth #5: Spun content should not be used on "money sites"

So, here is our final myth a very common recommendation from "gurus" that spun content should never be used on your money sites.

First, let's make something clear. With money sites, I mean the actual websites that are making you money. Your niche sites that earn Adsense income, your Amazon review sites, your authority sites that make money from (individual) advertisers, etc.

With money sites, I do not mean the sales pages that you use to actually present your product. Because of the unique nature of these sites, it is probably better that you don't spin any content on them. Each word counts on those sites and some words are simply more powerful and more emotion-enducing than others. That is why spinning content on those sites can lower your conversion rates.

However, spun content can be used on all "regular" money sites without a problem. Reviews of Amazon products and content for your authority sites can easily be rewritten as well.

When spinning articles for your money sites, you simply need to make sure that you only use the most trusted synonyms. This way, you can be sure that the content on your sites really is high quality & perfectly readable.

Fifth and the final myth - BUSTED!

What else can I add? If nothing else, now I know how Adam and Jamie (the Mythbusters guys) feel and I almost envy them. 😃

Admittedly, this blog post has gotten pretty long so my conclusion is going to be very straight forward don't believe everything you read (and hear). People are often afraid of things they don't fully understand and they prefer to play it "safe", not knowing that their safe way is actually much riskier than the "dangerous" way that all the successful people are taking.

I certainly look forward to reading your comments about this. Take care!


This is the NEXT level of spinning!

Hey! ... I've just received this amazing piece of feedback from one of our users, and I simply have to share it with you.

This is exactly what we've been working so hard all this time to achieve. And I'm really really happy right now. 😃


So far I am loving the program. I don't just do the rewrite and done I do rewrite then one click rewrite to get all of the synonyms and make the article as unique as possible. Because I do this I usually have to read through and change a couple of things or remove extra words but usually only 5 max.After I did this for the first article and read the old one and the new one side by side I was amazed. The spun article made the previous article look like junk content. I liked the synonyms and wording better in the spun article and so far it seems like people who read the articles do to. I use it in conjunction with wikiwizard which I have only been using for a couple of weeks now but when I started using both that and your program I was amazed at how many more people viewed the article. I started with 2 or 3 hits the first week then posted again a couple of days ago and over 30 people accessed the article in a couple of hrs.

So your program is doing wonders so far as far as getting people to actually read the full article not just start and leave because the content is not interesting or entertaining enough for them to read. I think this program is great and anyone who is not using it should be, it really helps for wikis, blogs, news articles and any other thing you are thinking about posting anywhere on the web. Plus better content means more hits which means more people will click through and the relevant content will help my sites be seen as better sites in the eyes of google.

I know I could say so much more and I know you know all of this as well but as far as using this for my seo work I think this program will help me help my clients to get higher rankings on google and give them better content that will entice the reader and get the reader excited about what they are reading and want to know more. So thanks for the great product and thank's for the wordpress plugin as well. This will help my clients who want a blog but don't have the time to update it weekly. A great idea and great way to keep them from sitting stagnant and getting hit hard by google for never updating.

Sean, you are VERY welcome! 😃

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