Add new categories on-the-fly

Ever since 2014, our users were always able to create an unlimited number of categories to sort their articles under inside their Archive of spun articles.

Making good use of this categorization feature helps our users keep all of their projects neat and organized. Which is pretty sweet. 😃

But until very recently, our users still had to deal with a somewhat awkard UX hurdle when it came to putting a brand-new spun article into a specific category.

When our users were done spinning an article (which means they reached Step 3 of the process), they could easily sort their new article into any of their pre-existing categories with two clicks. So far, so good!

However, if our users wanted to create a brand-new category that would hold their newest article, they couldn't do that from Step 3. Instead, they had to first go to the Archive > Edit Categories > Add Category, and then come back to Step 3 to sort their newest article into this brand-new category.

And while this is perfectly doable, it's not ideal. And here at Spin Rewriter, we always want to provide our users with an ideal user experience.

So, good news: Now you can also create a brand-new category on-the-fly straight from Step 3, as part of the process of selecting a category to file each of your spun articles under. It still takes just a couple of clicks, despite now being much more powerful than before.

Go check it out — and enjoy! 🤩

Tutorial: How to spin articles manually (words and phrases)

Today we're bringing you yet another video tutorial! 📹

Spin Rewriter offers fully automated article rewriting through our powerful One Click Rewrite option — but we're not just about that!

Some of our users want more creative control over their process. And for those of our users, we're happy to also provide a seriously powerful manual spinning option! 💪

Today we'll take a look at how you can manually spin your articles (on the level of individual words and phrases) with the help of Spin Rewriter. Spin Rewriter can still make all of the suggestions for you, but it's up to you to pick which ones you want and which ones you don't. Plus, you'll discover how to use some advanced features (also shown in this tutorial video) that will speed up your process.

Check out how Spin Rewriter can help you with manual spinning (if that's your jam):

Don't forget: This video tutorial also includes a number of advanced features that will seriously speed up your rewriting process — even if you're looking to do things manually. 👍

And, as always, we also have a full collection of video tutorials available here... Enjoy!

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