Capitalization algorithms also got an upgrade

The updates to Spin Rewriter simply aren't stopping these days...

Our team has truly been on fire for months now. 🔥 (Thankfully not 100% literally.)

So, what kind of goodies did we just roll out with the latest update this morning?

We've improved the handling of capitalization in certain (rare) cases that could sometimes trip up our algorithms. One of these cases is when a "spinnable" phrase begins with a number.

Let me give you an example: Suppose your original article includes the phrase "50 years". Spin Rewriter is happy to offer some synonyms, for example we can spin this phrase into "fifty years" right off the bat.

But there's a catch! The original phrase "50 years" could appear at the beginning of a sentence, or it could appear in the middle of a sentence. In the first case, Spin Rewriter will need to spin the phrase as "Fifty years" — while in the second case, the phrase should become "fifty years".

So, despite working with the exact same original phrase "50 years" and the exact same synonym ("fifty"), the correct capitalization of the suggested synonym depends on further understanding of the context. And now Spin Rewriter handles this like a champ! 🏆

Not only that — if you begin with the phrase "50 YEARS", Spin Rewriter will consider the capitalization of the entire original phrase and spin this as "FIFTY YEARS". Pretty cool, right? 😃

Further improved pluralization

Another week — another Spin Rewriter update. 😃

We've just pushed a new version of our pluralization engine to live Spin Rewriter servers, and it comes with a host of updates.

One of the things you'll notice is that we're now handling some corner-cases even better than before. That means when you start with the word "sometimes", Spin Rewriter will no longer offer (under any circumstances) the phrase "for a whiles" — because it now understands that "sometimes" wasn't plural in the first place, and that pluralizing "while" into "whiles" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 🙈

It was actually quite fun chasing down these corner-cases and strange little bugs.

Have fun with the update!

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