We just rolled out the most important batch of updates since we first launched Spin Rewriter back in September 2011 - we're calling it the "Major Update 1".

What's new? Here's just a couple of things:
  • user feedback is much more filtered now - Spin Rewriter will no longer pick up bad habits and misspelled words from its users
  • improved differentiation between similar meanings of words with multiple meanings
  • One-Click Rewrite now generates even more readable text, the difference on real-life test cases is more than significant
  • less frequently used synonyms are now methodically offered to users so Spin Rewriter can further evaluate their quality (in a non-intrusive way)
  • improved word manipulation - 99.9% of all verbs are now correctly transformed into their past-tense and gerund form, etc.
  • comparative adjectives are no longer suggested for superlative adjectives, and vice-versa (with some obvious exceptions where this is preferred)
  • we removed verbs in gerund form (-ing verbs) that were tied to verbs in their base form where required
  • we fixed a bug that caused our API to generate faulty spintax in some cases
  • Spin Rewriter API now offers a new setting - users can request articles to be spun only on the first level (no nested spins)
  • the One-Click Rewrite process offers a new setting that does the same - guarantees that the resulting text is spun on the first level only
  • your One-Click Rewrite preferences ("Protected Keywords", "Confidence", etc.) and similar preferences are now saved automatically
  • saved projects are correctly represented with their names (even if those names are later changed by users)
  • we now offer the "Bulk Rewrite" option where you rewrite multiple articles with a single click, and spun articles immediately show up in your Archive
  • we now offer the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option that rewrites one article with a single click and returns spun text, entirely skipping Step 2 of the process
  • our affiliate partners can find "embed codes" for all our promotional YouTube videos directly on our website, within the Affiliate Program section
  • our user interface is now using native browser handles for resizing various input fields (available in Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • we optimized and compressed browser-based code and made Spin Rewriter even more responsive and quicker to load
  • we researched our data about most common screen resolutions of our users, cleaned up the user interface and made it even faster
  • much much more ...
As you can see, we weren't kidding with this update ... Oh, and we're only getting started ... 😃

We'll follow up with detailed explanations of some of these updates in the following days, so - stay tuned! 😃

You can find all Spin Rewriter updates by clicking here.

Or you can jump to the website: http://www.SpinRewriter.com


Published on: January 27th, 2012

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