Many of you have contacted us saying that you weren't the biggest fans of having to manually select the "One-Click Rewrite" settings each time you were working on a new article. We figured that was quite understandable, and we decided to help you out. 😃

With Friday's update, various settings such as:
  • One-Click Rewrite confidence (should it try to find as many synonyms as possible, or only pick the most relevant ones)
  • One-Click Rewrite protected keywords
  • One-Click Rewrite single-level or multi-level spinning
  • should the "Top" button pick only the best synonyms, or those that are relatively okay as well
  • ...
are now automatically remembered by our software. This means you can "set it and forget it" - once you find the settings that work best for you, you never have to manually adjust them again.

Published on: January 31st, 2012

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