A couple of minor fixes

We just introduced a couple of minor bug fixes and improvements that can be categorized into 3 major categories:
  • The "One-Click Rewrite" process is now a little bit faster and more robust.
  • All words of the original text are correctly displayed in Step 2 (no more issues with "you'll" showing up as "you 'll").
  • Capitalized acronyms are now handled correctly ("SEO" becomes "Search Engine Optimization" and not "SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION").
And there's more coming in the near future! 😃 Stay tuned! 😃

Improved verb and noun manipulations

In our (seemingly endless) pursuit of perfect automated handling of natural language (English) we've introduced a couple of updates to our software.

Now you'll no longer run into plural nouns such as "thousandses" and "shoeses" or verbs (gerunds) such as "searchinging". We're getting closer to the perfect rewriting software, one step at a time. 😃

Affiliate Program - Simplified!

We've taken a large step to a simpler and more intuitive Affiliate Program.

First you should know that you can be an Affiliate Partner for a number of our services:
We're now displaying a bunch of extra statistics now, and this really comes in handy if you want to figure out which of your marketing efforts are paying off and which aren't.

Thanks for promoting our services! 😃


A tiny little update ...

Today we're introducing a tiny little update that might make your lives a little bit easier.

Word counting in Step 1 has been improved quite a bit. For instance, if you entered "John is late.", our system (correctly) returned "3 words".

However, if your original article contained some existing spinning syntax, such as "John is { always | usually } late.", our system didn't really work that well. Because the spintax characters ("{", "}" and "|") have a space on both sides, it simply counted them as words as well. This means that it returned "8 words" instead of (the correct value) "5 words".

Well, that's now fixed! 😃

Our services now have a DEDICATED server grid!

We have been running our loved-by-all article rewriting software Spin Rewriter and other popular services (article distribution tool Spin Distribute, a collection of webmaster tools called SmileySEO, our in-house writing service Pro Article Writing, etc.) on a very powerful server grid for more than a year now.

However, there were occassional hick-ups, and since Spin Rewriter has been launched back in September 2011 we've had two database crashes and a couple of other (minor) technical difficulties. All in all, our services were unavailable for 17-18 hours in the last 6 months. That's not particularly cringeworthy, but we're confident that we can do better than that.

So far, our services had to share the available resources on our servers with a couple of other websites that we run. Some of these websites are very popular, recording over a million of unique visitors each month, others are less popular and maybe more resource-hungry. Bottom line, sometimes all of this was a bit too much for our insfrastructure and that's when our databases crashed and the websites went "down".

We've now taken the BIG (and necessary) step, and moved all websites over to a separate server grid! This means that Spin Rewriter, Spin Distribute, Smiley SEO and Pro Article Writing are now the only software products on a dedicated set of servers, and this should improve the speed, the responsiveness, and the stability of these services even further! 😃

We're really excited about this - and we think that you should be, too. 😃 😃

Happy Valentine's Day ;)

We just wanted to say that we love you all. Ain't that sweet? 😃 😃 😃

On top of that, we took care of a couple of minor issues, the most significant one has to do with plural nouns. Spin Rewriter has become intelligent enough to form correct plural forms of nouns such as "nebula" (nebulae), "housewife" (housewives), "crisis" (crises), "appendix" (appendices), "criterion" (criteria), "alumnus" (alumni) and of course the more common "child" (children), "goose" (geese) etc.

Have a lovely Valentine's! 😃

A couple of tweaks

You're now able to use various tags that are used with 3rd party software when you're spinning your articles. What exactly do we have in mind?

Well, some software products out there enable you to use spun articles with tags such as "%LINK1%", "%LINK2%" etc., and when your articles are distributed or used in some other way these software products replace all %LINKn% tags with a relevant link. Spin Rewriter now makes sure your tags are preserved through the spinning process and are 100% valid and functional once you reach the final step (Step 3) of the spinning process.

On top of that, we're working on a much faster One-Click Rewrite algorithm that should enable you to rewrite full 500-word articles, using the default "medium" setting, within 20-25 seconds instead of a couple of minutes. Stay tuned! 😃

Spin Rewriter gets a faster user interface

We believe it's really important to make sure our users have a good time using Spin Rewriter to rewrite their articles. With this in mind, we applied some changes to the existing user interface.

Spin Rewriter now not only remembers your preferences (so you don't have to enter them manually each time) and offers the "I'm Feeling Lucky" and "Bulk Rewrite" options, it also adapts to your computer even more. It takes into consideration the speed of your computer and the screen resolution that's available inside your browser, and it uses these figures to create a perfect user interface for you.

We also decided to go with native browser handles for input-field resizing. You know, those handles in the bottom right corner of every large text input field? These are supported by most modern web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ...) by default, and work really well. If you're using a browser that still doesn't support native handles, you'll still be able to use our custom handles, no worries.

On top of that, we optimized and compressed all code that runs inside your browser (we're mostly talking about JavaScript here, but let's not get too technical) in order to make Spin Rewriter faster and quicker to load.

Stay tuned, there's more coming! 😃

Taking care of our Affiliate Partners ...

We updated the Affiliate Program section of our website.

It now comes with a better explanation of the (very simple) process of telling your friends about our product, and it includes 4 great promotional videos with YouTube embed codes if you decide to embed them on your website.

In the very near future, we'll also improve the affiliate reporting even further and given you more control over all aspects of our Affiliate Program.

"I'm Feeling Lucky" will make your spinning even easier

We figured the "One-Click Rewrite" option might not cut it in some extreme cases ... With it, you have to enter your article, proceed to Step 2 (your article is analyzed at this point), click the One-Click Rewrite button, wait for a minute or so, and then finalize your article. That's 3 clicks and a minute or two of your time.

Well, we can do even better than that. 😃

With Friday's Major Update 1 we introduced the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option. What does it look like? You enter your article and click one button - approximately 15 seconds later it's been rewritten and finalized and you're looking at it inside your Archive. It's as easy as that! 😃

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