Updated exports and dowloads

We've just rolled out yet another quality-of-life improvement when it comes to using Spin Rewriter.

If you're looking to download multiple articles from your Archive of spun articles inside Spin Rewriter, you no longer need to download each individual article separately. With this most recent update, you can now simply select multiple articles inside your Archive and click the "Download Articles ..." button that appears automatically — and all of your selected spun articles will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

Go ahead & give it a try, it's pretty cool! 😃

Setting category for multiple articles...

We've just rolled out another feature that makes Spin Rewriter just that tiny little bit more powerful, and tiny little bit more delightful to use — and as we all know, over time these little quality-of-life improvements add up to a genuinely amazing product.

Inside your Archive of spun articles, you're no longer limited to clicking each individual article in order to set its category. Setting the category of individual articles is fine if you always set the category of an article as soon as you're done spinning it — but sometimes we can all be a bit lazy, and then we're suddenly left with 20 uncategorized freshly spun articles, 16 of which we might want to assign to the same category.

With this most recent update, you no longer have to click 16 different articles in your Archive and select the exact same category 16 times in a row. You can now simply select all 16 articles and then use the "Change Category of Articles..." button that shows up automatically — this way you'll be able to assign a category to all 16 articles in a single move.

I hope you like this update. 😃

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Why are we publishing all these updates?
Our blog posts let our users stay up-to-date with all of the updates here at Spin Rewriter. This way you can discover all of the latest features — so you can try them out and tell us what you think.

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