Improved detection of primary keywords

As you know, Spin Rewriter can be extremely helpful even once you're done spinning your article — by automatically suggesting to fetch relevant images and videos that you can add to your unique articles.

And we've just made this feature even better. 😎

The details of what we've done are a bit technical and have to do with correct handling of non-Unicode data when determining the most relevant (primary) keywords of your spun articles. So we're not going to bore you with these...

But the result is, Spin Rewriter is now even more confident (and more robust) when automatically suggesting the primary keywords of your spun articles. That is, keywords that are most likely to return super-relevant royalty-free images and videos that you can embed into all of your unique articles with a single click.

This update is already live — so you can go check it out for yourself! 👍

New API library: C#

It's time for some more good news for our fellow coders! 🤓

As you probably know, Spin Rewriter offers a way for 3rd party software products to integrate the power of ENL Semantic Spinning through our extremely capable Spin Rewriter API.

And we're always working tirelessly to make sure these integrations are an absolute breeze. It's always been one of our goals to make integrating Spin Rewriter into other products as easy as possible.

Which brings me to today's good news! 🤩

We've just unveiled our newest C# SDK library which makes it an absolute breeze to integrate Spin Rewriter into the products of any C# developers out there. And of course we've also prepared working C# code samples to make things even easier.

Developers can also easily install the Spin Rewriter API package through nuget (package installer for C#). 👍

Bottom line — if you're a fellow coder and you're looking to integrate the ENL Semantic Spinning capabilities of Spin Rewriter right into your own product(s), head over to our updated API Code Samples page where you'll find our newest C# SDK, along with PHP, Python, JavaScript and other code samples that we've prepared for you.

We can't wait to see what you create with the power of our API! 😃

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