Our WordPress Plugin - improved

You know how Spin Rewriter also offers an official WordPress Plugin that lets you make sure all of your websites are always chock-full of unique, high quality content?

Well, we just pushed out a pretty cool update for our plugin. 🤩

From now on, even if our users end up installing the WordPress Plugin on a misconfigured server, the plugin will do its very best to power through while not showing any unnecessary PHP notices — only warnings and errors, as expected.

We've also packaged some UX improvements into this upgrade, and — much more importantly — laid the groundwork for a much bigger upgrade that's coming in the following weeks... so stay tuned. 😃

Archive made even friendlier

A brand new update is here, our first one for August! 👍

You're undoubtedly familiar with the Archive section of your Spin Rewriter account — it's where you can find all of your spun articles.

But the question is: What happens when a user has zero spun articles to display? What do we show in the Archive when a user is still brand-new to Spin Rewriter and they haven't created any articles just yet?

So far, in this case the Archive was simply... empty. If there were no articles to show, the Archive was more or less blank. Which is technically okay, but it certainly isn't as friendly as it could be. 😬

So we've decided to improve this aspect — by adding a wonderful "empty state" graphic element to the Archive page when there are no articles to display.

You can check out this visual / UX upgrade below:

Improved Archive page with an Empty State graphic

At some point, most new users will check out their Archive page — and seeing a completely blank Archive ("before" in the screenshot above) feels a bit unfinished.

In comparison, seeing the lovely "empty state" graphic ("after" in the screenshot above) feels much friendlier and encourages the user to spin their first article.

And this is what we're all about here at Spin Rewriter. 😃

Making users feel right at home and helping them spin articles — because as long as our users are happy, we are happy. Enjoy this latest update! 👍

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Why are we publishing all these updates?
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