One of the most requested features over the last couple of months was the option to limit the One-Click Rewrite process to one-level spins. Basically, this means that Spin Rewriter only rewrites your articles on the first level and not on multiple levels - if that's what you need. Some article distribution software products out there don't support nested spinning syntax, and in this case the new feature really comes in handy.

By selecting the "single-level no-nested-spinning" option, you only get the phrase "cable television" inside "Cable television is a fine invention." rewritten as "Cable {television|TV} is a fine invention." and not as "{Cable {television|TV}|Cable} is a fine invention." which uses two levels of spinning.

Not only does this new option come with the One-Click Rewrite process, we've also integrated it with our official Spin Rewriter API and updated the API documentation. We hope it serves you well! 😃

Published on: January 30th, 2012

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