We believe it's really important to make sure our users have a good time using Spin Rewriter to rewrite their articles. With this in mind, we applied some changes to the existing user interface.

Spin Rewriter now not only remembers your preferences (so you don't have to enter them manually each time) and offers the "I'm Feeling Lucky" and "Bulk Rewrite" options, it also adapts to your computer even more. It takes into consideration the speed of your computer and the screen resolution that's available inside your browser, and it uses these figures to create a perfect user interface for you.

We also decided to go with native browser handles for input-field resizing. You know, those handles in the bottom right corner of every large text input field? These are supported by most modern web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ...) by default, and work really well. If you're using a browser that still doesn't support native handles, you'll still be able to use our custom handles, no worries.

On top of that, we optimized and compressed all code that runs inside your browser (we're mostly talking about JavaScript here, but let's not get too technical) in order to make Spin Rewriter faster and quicker to load.

Stay tuned, there's more coming! 😃

Published on: February 6th, 2012

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