We have been running our loved-by-all article rewriting software Spin Rewriter and other popular services (article distribution tool Spin Distribute, a collection of webmaster tools called SmileySEO, our in-house writing service Pro Article Writing, etc.) on a very powerful server grid for more than a year now.

However, there were occassional hick-ups, and since Spin Rewriter has been launched back in September 2011 we've had two database crashes and a couple of other (minor) technical difficulties. All in all, our services were unavailable for 17-18 hours in the last 6 months. That's not particularly cringeworthy, but we're confident that we can do better than that.

So far, our services had to share the available resources on our servers with a couple of other websites that we run. Some of these websites are very popular, recording over a million of unique visitors each month, others are less popular and maybe more resource-hungry. Bottom line, sometimes all of this was a bit too much for our insfrastructure and that's when our databases crashed and the websites went "down".

We've now taken the BIG (and necessary) step, and moved all websites over to a separate server grid! This means that Spin Rewriter, Spin Distribute, Smiley SEO and Pro Article Writing are now the only software products on a dedicated set of servers, and this should improve the speed, the responsiveness, and the stability of these services even further! 😃

We're really excited about this - and we think that you should be, too. 😃 😃

Published on: February 17th, 2012

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