We introduced a couple of new changes to the part of the Spin Rewriter web app that handles the One-Click Rewrite process ...

Now you don't simply get an estimate of the time the One-Click Rewrite process is going to take, you also get an accurate timer that counts down the seconds so you have a better feeling of how far along you actually are at any given moment.

We also made sure that if you cancel the One-Click Rewrite process while it's still being performed on your article, you're able to start a new one right away and your article stays perfectly formatted all this time. And we did our best to make the option to prevent selected keywords and key phrases from getting spun even more prominent and easier to notice.

That's not all we're introducing with this most recent update though ... you know us. 😃 We also made sure that abbreviations such as 're (are) and 've (have) now always stick to the word that precedes them. This wasn't always the case and it caused some confusion in the past. When you replace the 're with something like 'are actually', a new space is added in front of the new synonym so your text stays perfect. Spin Rewriter now also recognized the verb 'have' both when auxiliary (e.g. "I have done something.") and when contracted ("I've no idea.").

Oh, and before I forget - December is here, the most magical month of the year! Have fun! 😃

Published on: December 3rd, 2011

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