We just added another action to the official Spin Rewriter API. It's called "unique_variation_from_spintax" and it's a rather useful one.

Say you have a piece of text that already comes with the {first option|second option} spinning syntax. You can pass it to our API with the "unique_variation_from_spintax" action and our server won't do any additional processing at all - it will simply parse the existing spintax and return one of the possible variations. This is extremely helpful when you simply want to create a number of unique variations of text that's already been spun.

All API documentation has already been updated with this new information, as well as all code samples for developers and the actual Spin Rewriter API SDK.

You can find out what's new right here: https://www.SpinRewriter.com/api

Published on: December 16th, 2011

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