We just improved the phrase-level rewriting algorithms. Quite drastically, in fact! 😃

Spin Rewriter is now even more accurate when it comes to guessing whether a freshly-built phrase represents a noun, a verb, an adjective, etc. Sure it's easy enough to say that "muscle" is a noun, but when it comes to processing "abdominal muscle", it takes some artificial intelligence to figure out that the whole phrase should still be treated as a noun, even though it comes with an adjective as well.

We also introduced big changes to the One-Click Rewrite algorithms when it comes to dealing with phrases. Before this update, Spin Rewriter mostly focused on single words when performing the One-Click Rewrite operation - now it treats multi-word phrases equally well and isn't afraid to use them when it's confident enough about their actual meaning.

We really think you're gonna love this update in action - check it out now! 😃


Published on: December 9th, 2011

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