With our mega-exciting Spin Rewriter 13 launch happening last week, we didn't even get the time to talk about all the upgrades yet!

So today let's talk about one of the upgrades that kind off flew under the radar until now. ✈️

Now, you might already be familiar with the Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin.

Our WordPress Plugin makes it really easy for our users to keep their WordPress websites full of unique, high-quality content — without any effort required.

It carefully tracks the age of all posts on your WordPress websites, and as soon as any post turns a certain age (e.g. a week old, or two months old, etc.), our plugin automatically spins that particular post and re-publishes it as a brand-new post.

Combining the power of Spin Rewriter and our WordPress Plugin makes it really easy to have your websites always updated with relevant, fresh content. You just set your preferences once (e.g. the age when posts should be spun and re-published) and you let the plugin do its job while you kick back and relax.

So that's pretty cool. 🤩

And our plugin just got even better!

Simultaneously with the launch of Spin Rewriter 13, we have also rolled out a brand-new version of our plugin: version 13.0.0 (of course).

This newest version of the plugin comes with full support for servers running PHP 8.0 or higher. 👍

So if you are running the latest version of PHP on your server (≥8.0) and were running into any sorts of issues with our plugin, these issues are now fully resolved — and our plugin works better, more reliably and faster than ever.

Our plugin testing environment now includes a fully up-to-date installation of WordPress on a server running PHP 8.1, another fully updated installation of WordPress on a different server running PHP 7.4 and a third one-version-behind somewhat-out-of-date installation of WordPress on a PHP 7.3 server.

This testing setup lets us test our plugin's functionality in a multitude of real-world environments and allows us to be confident that the plugin truly works for our awesome users — which is why we're doing all of this in the first place. 😃

If you already have our WordPress plugin installed, you should be prompted to upgrade to this latest version 13.0.0 automatically.

Otherwise, you can always update your plugin manually from your WordPress admin panel by going to Dashboard > Plugins > Spin Rewriter and clicking the "Check for updates" button. The plugin will update automatically from there.

Hope you like this update — and happy spinning! 😃

Published on: October 26th, 2022

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