Spin Rewriter WordPress License
Is Like Steroids For Your
WordPress Websites!

You Can Use Spin Rewriter To
Run All Of Your Blogs Automatically!

With the Spin Rewriter WordPress License you can have ALL of the content for ALL of your websites created automatically, forever.

It comes with TWO (2) HUGE BENEFITS:

Benefit #1:
Access To The Official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin

You're getting our official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin that you can install on an unlimited number of websites.

The plugin comes with 4 extremely powerful features that will keep your websites full of unique content at all times:

WP Plugin Feature #1: Automatically Spin & Republish Old Posts

As soon as your posts reach a certain age (e.g. 7 days, or 3 weeks, or 2 months), this plugin will use the full power of Spin Rewriter's ENL Semantic Rewriting technology to spin them and republish them as brand new posts.

WP Plugin Feature #1
Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin automatically spins and re-publishes your old posts

WP Plugin Feature #2: Automatically Fetch New Unique Posts

This plugin can also find relevant articles for your websites, completely on auto-pilot. It will then spin and publish those relevant articles as brand new posts. You can simply pick how many new posts you want automatically added to your WordPress websites — from multiple new posts per day, to just one post per month.

WP Plugin Feature #2
Our plugin automatically finds, spins and publishes relevant articles to your websites
The Awesome Power of Features 1 & 2 Together:
These 2 features together will keep all of your WordPress websites always full of new & unique relevant content, automatically. As a result Google won't be able to help itself but fall in love with your websites. In fact, the average increase in rankings that's being reported by our thousands of users has been stunning!

WP Plugin Feature #3: Spin Posts Right Inside WordPress

Our plugin also lets you spin your WordPress posts and pages straight from your WordPress admin panel. It's just a matter of clicking a button and waiting for the magic to happen... and, poof! You've got a brand new & unique post sitting inside your post editor in seconds, ready to be published.

WP Plugin Feature #3
You can easily spin posts and pages from your WordPress admin panel

WP Plugin Feature #4: Connect Your Websites

By installing our plugin on your WordPress websites, your websites will automatically appear inside your Spin Rewriter account — with full support for one-click remote posting straight from your Spin Rewriter account!

OK, so those are the features of the Spin Rewriter WordPress plugin.
But there's ANOTHER benefit to the WordPress License:

Benefit #2:
WordPress Integration With Support For Remote Posting

Once you have the Spin Rewriter WordPress License, you can add an unlimited number of WordPress websites straight to your Spin Rewriter account. Then you can send all of your new & unique spun articles from Spin Rewriter directly to your websites with just a single click.

The one-click remote-posting feature even allows you to schedule the exact date and time of when you want your new posts to appear on your websites.

Benefit #2
Publish your articles without leaving your Spin Rewriter account

The Spin Rewriter WordPress License is an incredible tool, loved by thousands of our users.

It will let you take your business to the next level!

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