We're still not resting, not even a little bit. Here are some of the huge Spin Rewriter updates we just rolled out:
  • you can now press the "R" button just next to the "T" and "A" buttons to quickly use the currently selected synonyms with every occurence of the current word in the whole article
  • you can see the word count of your article before proceeding to Step 3
  • we have improved the learning algorithms that are actively improving Spin Rewriter SO MUCH that it's hard to believe - within a month Spin Rewriter will produce articles of amazing quality!
I hope you like all of this, it only makes Spin Rewriter shine even more - and we couldn't be more excited about that!

Thanks to everybody who hopped on board and is already using Spin Rewriter,
you guys seriously rock,

Aaron 😃

Published on: September 19th, 2011

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