The launch frenzy still hasn't settled down, however I was able to find a couple of hours in between writing a ton of emails to introduce some great updates to Spin Rewriter.

Yes, that's correct - Spin Rewriter is already getting better not only by learning from its users about the quality of various synonyms and meanings, but we're also actively improving user experience and adding new cool features.

Here's what was updated in the last 24 hours alone:
  • we fine-tuned the uniqueness meter that tells you how unique your generated articles will be
  • we added support to ignore whole phrases (multiple words) when doing a One Click Rewrite
  • we have changed the 800-word limit to a much higher one that you shouldn't hit when rewriting your articles
  • you are now able to delete finished articles from your archive
  • you can export up to 400 unique version of your article in 400 text files, OR in a single text file
  • Spin Rewriter now automatically fixes most common misspellings (dont, doesnt, hasnt, havent, wierd, definately, etc.)
  • we fixed and improved a bunch of other stuff
Hope you guys like it! 😃


Published on: September 16th, 2011

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