... or - "Spin Rewriter gets the FAST REWRITE MODE!"

What does this mean? Well, you should probably just try it out, it's quite amazing. 😃

You can now simply open up the list of suggestions of the first word of your article and click the "detach" button in the top right corner of the interface. The list of suggestions (along with all applicable meanings) will jump to the bottom of your screen, the less important parts of Spin Rewriter will be hidden behind a dim overlay, and the editing area will focus solely on the part of the article you're currently rewriting. Then you can super-quickly jump to the next word with the "Shift+S" keyboard shortcut, or return to the previous one with the "Shift+A" keyboard shortcut.

All this time (while you're selecting appropriate synonyms, adding new ones, and using the "T" and "A" butons that do practically all the work for you) the list of suggestions stays at the same exact place, and you're just jumping to the next word or phrase as quickly as possible. With this approach you can create a top quality rewrite of your article in just a couple of minutes!

Hope you like it! 😃

Published on: October 3rd, 2011

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