Earlier today at 6:38 AM Eastern Time (3:38 AM Pacific Time) we've begun the scheduled migration & upgrade procedure.

This unfortunately requires some downtime of our website & API service which is the reason our website is unavailable at the moment.

To sum up our heads-up post on this migration, the procedure was proposed by our hosting provider, in order to move Spin Rewriter to an even newer & further improved infrastructure.

We've decided to go ahead with the migration and we've also scheduled a number of updates on our end for the same time frame. This way we'll make the most of the downtime this procedure entails.

Status update (8:47 AM EST): The migration is currently proceeding as planned. We're hoping to be back online relatively soon. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience!

Status update (12:26 PM EST): The migration is taking a bit longer than planned, mostly due to the immense size of our machine learning dataset that we've built over the years. We're now rebuilding the dataset on the new infrastructure.

Status update (2:44 PM EST): The website is now back online. We're now fine-tuning the back-end algorithms which still results in some spinning errors at the moment. We'll keep you posted.

Status update (7:24 PM EST): We're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the functionality is back online, including full functionality of the Spin Rewriter API. The web spinning process is still facing some sporadic issues, although we've already determined the cause and are working on resolving those issues as well.

Status update (7:46 PM EST): We've resolved the aforementioned issue. With that, we believe we're fully back up & running. The website is now once again offering full functionality. The web spinning interface and the Spin Rewriter API are also fully functional once again.

Status update (9:17 PM EST): We're now done with a significant part of our rigorous testing procedure that covers basically every aspect of the entire codebase. We've tested all features and user flows, and we're also running performance analysis of the code on the new server infrastructure. The first performance results are incredible — we almost can't believe what we're seeing! 😃

Status update (6:12 AM EST): We've identified and resolved what were hopefully the last two remaining (very minor) issues that were affecting Site Guardian Pro and Rankings Done Right, but not Spin Rewriter.

Status update (9:21 AM EST): We've now completed our entire testing procedure which concludes this successful migration to a better, newer server infrastructure.

We're soon going to publish another post with more details on the benefits of this migration. 😃

Bottom line: We're now back in the saddle, and better than ever! 😃

Published on: November 14th, 2018

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