In two days (on Wednesday, November 14th) we will be migrating and upgrading our Spin Rewriter servers which will unfortunately require some downtime of our website & API service.

The migration itself was proposed by our hosting provider because they want to move us to a new & improved infrastructure, and after a careful examination of the potential benefits we've agreed to move forward with the migration.

Before we agreed, though, we've performed an analysis of our usage patterns and determined that the best (or least inconvenient, if you will) time for a couple of hours of service unavailability would be early Wednesday morning.

We've also scheduled a number of updates on our end for the same time frame, to make sure that we make the most of the migration & upgrade procedure and the downtime it entails.

So — please expect a few hours of downtime on early Wednesday morning, and then we'll be back stronger than ever! 😃

Bottom line: On Wednesday, November 14th, our website & API service will experience some expected downtime as part of a scheduled migration & upgrade procedure. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Published on: November 12th, 2018

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