Lately we've been talking about the official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin quite a bit.

But Spin Rewriter's integration with WordPress actually goes deeper than that. We're not just offering a plugin that you can install on your WordPress websites. Spin Rewriter also offers powerful WordPress features that are available directly from within your user account.

For example, you can post your spun articles to your WordPress websites literally with two clicks. This is called the "Remote Posting" feature. 👌

And today I want to talk about a small, but important update that we've recently rolled out for this feature.

Up until this point, when our users wanted to remotely post a spun article to one of their WordPress websites, they were shown a list of all of their available WordPress websites. Next to each website, there was a button that said "Publish". Straightforward enough, right?

Well... not exactly. 😬 See, if a user wasn't looking to publish their spun article immediately, but was instead looking to schedule their spun article so that it appears on their WordPress website at some later date in the future, they might have been spooked by having to push a button that said "Publish".

As soon as we realized that this UX wasn't ideal, our team gave it some further thought. And we believe we have made the whole process much nicer now.

The button that previously said "Publish" now says "Prepare Post". This reassures our users that nothing too drastic is going to happen just yet. Clicking the button takes our users to a new screen where they can preview their new post, pick one of their WordPress categories for it, and decide if they want to publish it right away or schedule it for a later date. 👍

We feel that UX improvements like this one make the whole experience of using Spin Rewriter much, much nicer. And we'll never stop striving to deliver the best possible experience to you guys. You can count on that! 🤩

Published on: June 3rd, 2022

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