Yes — it has finally happened!

The official Spin Rewriter blog now lives inside the Spin Rewriter website, the way it always should have been.

Up until this point, the Spin Rewriter blog lived on my own personal blog at

Sure, all relevant posts were tagged with the "Spin Rewriter" keyword for easy browsing, but still — at its core, that situation was less than ideal.

There was also another UX issue: When visitors were browsing the Spin Rewriter website and they clicked the "Blog" link in the main header, they were suddenly taken to an entirely different website.

Sure, a lot of companies are doing things this way, hosting company blogs on dedicated blogging platforms (such as WordPress) — but it's definitely not the best way of doing it.

And here at Spin Rewriter, we only want what's truly the BEST for you, our awesome users.

So, here's what we did:

  • First, we set up our own custom, in-house blogging platform. That's what you're seeing right now.
  • Of course we also set up the administration part of our new blogging platform, but that lives inside our other admin tools.
  • We moved all 292 existing blog posts from the previous WordPress-based blog into our own blogging platform.
  • We updated and re-formatted all imported posts as required. This included moving all previously uploaded images to the primary Spin Rewriter website etc.
  • We created 3 new types of subpages right here on the Spin Rewriter website: Blog Home (self-explanatory), Blog Archive (e.g. when browsing posts by month) and Blog Post (when reading an individual post).
  • We added "301 redirects" from all existing Spin Rewriter related blog posts on to their rightful place right here on the Spin Rewriter website. As you know, SEO is pretty dang important!
  • Finally, we rolled out the new on-site Spin Rewriter blog to our live (production) servers.

And that's it! 😃

With that, all of our existing 292 blog posts about Spin Rewriter now live right here on the Spin Rewriter website, in this Blog section.

We're super SUPER excited that we've finally made this happen. Hope you like it! 😃

Published on: August 16th, 2019

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