I already told you a little bit about our upcoming humongous server upgrade two days ago, on Wednesday... and I'm super happy to say that the upgrade is coming along very nicely, indeed!

We've settled on the final configuration of our new servers and we've already rolled out a parallel grid of brand-new servers with an identical copy of Spin Rewriter so we can work on the copy without disturbing anyone on the actual "live" website. Right now we're in the testing stage and I believe we've already squashed most of the bugs that felt like making an appearance after the huge server migration.

In other words, we're progressing quite nicely! So nicely, in fact, that we've decided to go a step further than planned while still sticking to our original timeframe. With the finalized server upgrade next week we're now also planning to roll out SSL support, in other words that green "https" version of the Spin Rewriter website for extra security and reliability.

We're very excited about this (as you can probably tell), and will keep you posted! 😃

> Part 3: Biggest server upgrade ever is looking GOOD!

Published on: August 7th, 2015

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