As mentioned in my post from August 5th (and my other post from August 7th) we've just rolled out the biggest server infrastructure upgrade EVER in the entire history of Spin Rewriter.

We started moving all data over to the new infrastructure at 11:42 AM EDT today. The first instance of downtime occurred at 11:48 EDT and lasted 6 minutes. The second (and last) instance of downtime occurred at 1:22 PM EDT and lasted 14 minutes.

When all our websites became available once again at 1:36 PM EDT, the spinning functionality of Spin Rewriter took an additional 26 minutes to fully reboot.

Since 2:02 PM EDT all of our systems have been up & running, and running better than ever before! 😃

As an added bonus, we also switched the entire Spin Rewriter website over to the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate today, for added security and reliability.

This means you can update your bookmarks to 😃

Bottom line, I hope you're going to LOVE this new, snappier, even more robust Spin Rewriter! 😃

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Published on: August 11th, 2015

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