I hope you enjoyed watching the first video in the series of our 10 new short tutorial videos. I've literally just finished the next video — the new video shows you exactly how to use the "bulk rewrite" option, or, simply said, how to rewrite several articles at once.

At the beginning, the video describes where you can find the "Bulk Rewrite" option. Then, the video explains different ways of selecting articles for spinning — you can either enter articles in the text fields, upload each article individually, or upload a ZIP file with all articles.

Then, the video shows how you can select the ENL semantic spinning options and how you can start the actual rewriting process. Spin Rewriter really is amazing, isn't it? 😃

Watch the video here...

The next video is coming in a few days, it's going to tell you everything about manual article spinning. Stay tuned!

Published on: August 1st, 2013

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