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Spin Rewriter - Tutorials

»Get Started Tutorial« and 10 Detailed Video Tutorials

We have prepared a number of detailed and friendly video tutorials for you — enjoy:

We're constantly receiving great feedback from our users and improving the interface based on your suggestions. We're working really hard to make Spin Rewriter extremely easy-to-use.

The collection of tutorials on this page will tell you everything you need to know in order to utilize Spin Rewriter to its full potential. You'll find 10 detailed video tutorials below.

Spin Rewriter Video Tutorials

How to enable ENL Semantic Spinning options in Spin Rewriter?
How to spin multiple articles at once?
How to spin articles manually?
How to use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" option?
"One-Click Rewrite" vs. "I'm Feeling Lucky" settings
"One-Click Rewrite" settings
Drafts and archive
Settings & export functions
Changing articles once they are finalized
Spinning articles that are already spun

Spin Rewriter Detailed Written Tutorial

Prefer reading instead of watching videos?

Our written tutorial comes with detailed instructions that will guide you through every step of your Spin Rewriter experience.

How to get started?
It's extremely easy to start rewriting your first article.

No matter where you are inside your Spin Rewriter account, you can always click the "Home" link in the top menu. It will take you to the home page of your account where you can decide if you want to spin a single article or multiple articles. Click your preferred option, and you will get to Step 1 of the spinning process.

Step 1 — Spinning a Single Article
Say you decided to spin a single article and you picked the "Rewrite a Single Article" option. You should now simply paste your original article in the only large input field on the page to get started.

Spin Rewriter will auto-save your article as soon as you paste it in the large input field — this way you will never lose your work. Spin Rewriter will also count the words for you and let you know if anything seems to be wrong.

Just below the article, you can enable additional ENL Semantic Spinning features that let you spin your article on paragraph and sentence level. If you want your article spun on paragraph and sentence level as well, simply check the appropriate checkboxes.

If you want Spin Rewriter to analyze the actual role each word plays in a sentence (subject, object, adverb, ...) and completely rewrite the structure of your sentences, you will see a checkbox for that as well.

You can also rewrite your original article on the sentence and paragraph level manually if you wish. You can do this by highlighting various sentences and paragraphs with your mouse pointer. Our system will help you add alternative variations of sentences and paragraphs while making sure that you're always using flawless spinning syntax. Here's an example:
{First sentence.|Alternative version of the first sentence.}

Once you're satisfied with all of your settings, you can click the Start Rewriting button and you'll be taken to Step 2 of the spinning process. There you can manually spin your article to ensure the best possible quality.

On the other hand, clicking the One-Click Rewrite button will skip the manual Step 2 and take you directly to a finished, spun version of your article.

Step 1 — Spinning Multiple Articles
If you want to spin multiple articles, click the "Rewrite Multiple Articles" option on the home page of your account. At this point you can simply enter your articles in one of the supported formats, pick additional spinning settings, and click the Rewrite Multiple Articles button.

Spin Rewriter will do all of the work and then take you directly to your Archive where you'll find your freshly spun articles.

Step 2 — Selecting Synonyms
If you've clicked the Start Rewriting button in Step 1, you are now in the manual Step 2.

This is where the actual magic happens. You are now rewriting your article.

Remember these tips to really maximize your productivity with Spin Rewriter:
  • Selecting a word will give you a list of all synonyms that are available for that word.
  • You can select individual words by double-clicking them.
  • You can select phrases by highlighting them, i.e. dragging the mouse pointer over them.
  • You can quickly jump to the next / previous word by using and keys.
  • You can also jump to the next / previous word by using Shift+A and Shift+S.
  • Individual words that have synonyms available are displayed in blue.
  • Multi-word phrases that have synonyms available are underlined.
  • Once you've selected a word and you see the list of available synonyms, you can always add your own additional synonyms using the input field at the top of the list.
  • At the top of the list of synonyms you will also find 3 Quick Buttons:
  • You can use the Top button to quickly select all reliable (top) synonyms.
  • You can use the All button to quickly select all available synonyms.
  • You can use the Apply to All button to quickly apply the synonyms you've selected to every other occurrence of the current meaning (word or phrase) in the entire article.
  • You can use the One-Click Rewrite option on the entire article with 3 different readability settings: more readable & less unique, recommended, or less readable & more unique.
  • Your spintax can have multiple levels, i.e. you can add synonyms to brand-new synonyms.
  • Once you're done rewriting your article, simply click the Finalize Article button.

You can also switch to the Fast Mode by clicking the »Fast Mode« link in the bottom right corner of the editing area. You can also activate the fast mode is by clicking the small icon in the synonym suggestion pop-up box.

When you're in Fast Mode, the list of suggestions (along with all applicable meanings) will jump to the bottom of your screen. The less important parts of Spin Rewriter will be hidden behind an opaque overlay and the editing area will focus solely on the part of the article you’re currently rewriting. Then you can super-quickly jump to the next word with the key or the Shift+S keyboard shortcut, and return to the previous word with the key or the Shift+A keyboard shortcut.

All this time (while you're selecting appropriate synonyms, adding new ones, and using the Top and All butons that do practically all of the work for you) the list of suggestions will stay in the exact same place, letting you jump to the next word or phrase as quickly as possible. With this approach you can easily create a top quality thoroughly spun version of your article in just a couple of minutes!

And then, once you're happy with your spun article, click the Finalize Article button.

Step 3 — Generating Unique Versions
Alright, you're almost done!

In this final step, your article is automatically fixed in terms of punctuation, proper usage of the a and an indefinite articles, and other grammatical details. All of these automated adjustments make your generated articles super readable.

In Step 3 you can also choose your preferred spintax format, you can compare a spun article to the original article side-by-side, you can preview different unique variations of your spun articles, and even export those unique variations as text files. Every time you preview one of the unique variations of your spun article, you can also quickly run it through Copyscape to make sure it's 100% unique.

Step 3 is also where you can select the category for your article and update the archived name of your article, if you want to do so.

Don't forget that you can always find all of your finished spun articles by clicking the "Archive" link in the top menu.

Inside your archive, you can create new categories and edit existing ones, delete or export multiple articles at once, and browse through all of your finished spun articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

A large number of questions about Spin Rewriter has also been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section. We suggest you check it out to discover more neat tricks that Spin Rewriter has up its sleeve.

This collection of video tutorials along with our written detailed tutorial should be more than enough to let you put Spin Rewriter to great use.

These tutorials will make you a Spin Rewriter ninja!
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